Calgon, Take Me Away…

Literally.  So, you know how on Friday I said it was time to do something about my pathetic bathroom?  Well, guess what?  I started it.  My arms are still protesting.  Sunday night, they hurt so bad that I ended up doped up on Ibuprofen and sleeping on the couch.  Pain.  Oh, the pain.  Just sayin’.

The bathroom is getting a mini makeover.  You know, there are lots of kinds of makeovers.  Full ones that include losing 50 lbs, a whole new wardrobe, haircut, color, highlights, and even accessories like purses and jewelry.  I call these kinds of makeovers, “The Rodeo Drive” of makeovers.  Well, that’s not happening to my bathroom.   My bathroom is getting the Pic-n-Save makeover.  You get a new outfit, maybe a haircut, and a new shade of lipstick or something.  Yeah… the “lick and a promise” makeover– that’s what we’re doing.  Why?  Because this is the year of the dental work, not the year of the bathroom.  In about two years, we’ll go for a more “Rodeo Drive” style– well, maybe more like Macy’s.  We’re not Gucci people.

However, QUITE A BIT has been accomplished.  In the past four days Kevin and I have…

  • Scrubbed the shower.  This took about five hours.  No.  Joke.
  • Caulked the shower.  Can we just say that this was a feat?
  • Waxed the shower.  *whimpers*

Then it got interesting…  we…

  • Scraped and brushed the walls above the shower.  (this made a nice mess in my nice clean shower too.  Just sayin’.)
  • Added new mud to the places that crumbled in the scraping (gaping holes).
  • Mudded the HOLES in the drywall near the floor (where water has eaten it away over the past 22 years.  Yeah, some idiot thought it was a good idea to use regular drywall next to a shower/tub combo)
  • Primered the walls.
  • Primered the vanity.

Believe it or not… I’m not even CLOSE to done.  I still have to…

  • Paint the vanity
  • Paint the whole room
  • Install the splash guards
  • Install the upper seal
  • Install the rack
  • Scrub the sink
  • Wax the sink
  • Install a new faucet
  • Hang the new shower curtains

And I’m sure there’s more.  More.

*whimpers whilst curled in fetal position*

See that arc of white at the top of the tub surround? It's not really there. No idea why it looks like that in the photo.


Here’s a bit of our progress… it looks pathetic because we’ve replaced nothing.  We’ve just used an obscene amount of elbow grease and “concealer” in the form of primer.

Why did I take a picture of this again? Dunno. Oh, well. There it is.


Why is this so amazing? It used to be a light gray with streaks of rust that I thought we couldn't get rid of... I DID IT


The world's worst mud job. Why didn't I do it right? Because I had no idea where the tools were. So, we'll "sand it right. Most of that area was a hole. NOT ANYMORE


Oh, is this where I should remind you that we have one bathroom and eleven people– eight of whom are females, all but one over the age of 13



2 thoughts on “Calgon, Take Me Away…

  1. Sounds like you absolutely have a right to be tired but you’re doing great!! And I’m so glad we got pictures! 😀

    You’ve have the cutest little helper too. He looks like he’s enjoying himself! 🙂

    To the KING be all the glory!

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