Gotta Love It…

If you have to do it, you might as well like it.

I learned this concept from a sermon once.  As newlyweds, the preacher and his wife argued constantly.  At last, one day his wife said, “We are going to be married for a very long time.  We might as well decide to be happy.”  That concept has spread through a million ideas in my life.  I’ve said it so much, my kids probably hate hearing it– kind of like, “If you take it out, put it away” and “Just say yes ma’am and do it.”  The fact is, I say it to myself most.  I’ve said it about dozens of things.

“You’re going to have to shop for groceries for the rest of your life, you might as well learn how to enjoy it.”

“You’re going to have to teach several kids to read– just do it and learn to be happy that you can do that.”

“You’re going to have to clean a house that was clean just hours previously, so you may as well learn to enjoy the process.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling for a Pollyanna-like approach to life where everything is a forced–dare I say fake– smile and insistence that it’s all really rosy in the end.  I’m talking about truly learning to be happy wherever you can, be content with any circumstance the Lord places you, and learning to like that which otherwise you would have hated.  I doubt you can do it with everything, but don’t you think we could find a way to do it with most things that are a part of our daily lives?

I love my house.  I know people get sick to death of hearing how much I love my “itty bitty house” (as so many have called it), but I do.  I have to say, though, not every part of living in my house is perfect.  As with any home, there are less than wonderful things.  For years, it was my kitchen.  It was hideous.  I mean truly hideous.  However, after several years of dealing with that hideousness, we redid the whole thing.  I LOVE my kitchen now.  Actually, I even love cleaning it now.  There’s a certain satisfaction in knowing that when you’re done cleaning something, you’ll actually be able to tell you DID something.  The old one– not so much.

I’m at the hate stage with my bathroom.  It’s twenty-three years old and has seen at least fifty years of use (because we definitely have double the number of people using it on a daily basis– and we’re home all day!  Probably seventy-five years of use!  The drywall is shot.  The tub is shot.  The floor is shot.  The sink is shot.  The vanity is shot.  The only things that aren’t shot are the shower head (GREAT shower head!!!) and the toilet (actually flushes a full toilet in one swoosh!  YAY!)  There is NO storage that doesn’t invite clutter on every surface.

It’ll be a long time before we can remodel the bathroom.  It has to survive until we’re done with the remodeling of my husband’s teeth… and will cost a fraction of the price.  So, I was looking at it the other day, trying to figure out how, with very little money, I can improve the look.  After all, why not at least LIKE it while we’re waiting for the place where we can LOVE it, right?

One thing I had to do was give up the idea of “my colors.”  I hadn’t repainted because, “Why paint when you can’t do everything?”  That’s like saying, “Why eat beans and rice while you’re starving when you’d rather have steak?”  So, I decided that spending ten dollars for clearance paint (who cares what color it is as long as it isn’t ugly!) is a good investment in loving the life I’m living.    So, I started a list of ideas.

  • Scrub the walls with TSP.
  • Add texture to the patched spots.
  • Primer the patched places.
  • Paint the bathroom.
  • Buy or repurpose (Thinking of the repurpose option) baskets for the top of the cabinet.
  • Scrub the shower and polish the walls.
  • Put wire shelving above the shower head for shampoo etc.
  • Paint the vanity.
  • Make a shower curtain.

Hey, it’s a temporary fix and I might spend about fifty dollars doing it, but fifty dollars is about an hour of therapy– at a bargain basement therapist!

Comp pic from Istock. I buy all my photos from Istockphoto.

No, I’m not giving you a view of the before.  But, I decided to give you a range.  My bathroom is NOT as bad as this…  And not as good as this…

Photo a comp from Istockphoto. I buy all my photos from Istockphoto

However, by the time I’m done, it’ll be close-ish.  I may do pics of the “after.”  Probably.  If there’s a way to avoid the floor.  I can’t redo the floor and it’s pathetic.

So… I’m excited.  I’m going to seize this day … these days… of my life and enjoy what I have.  Because I can-  and because life is just too short to have an ugly bathroom.