This was a first.  I pray it’s a last, but alas, with the mindset of so many in our country these days, I’m not sure.  I stood in line at the grocery store.  I’ve done it a million times.  Two carts ahead of me was a mother with three small children.  They started getting a little unruly, but either grandma or a good friend of mom pulled them back in line– both figuratively and literally.  I was a little impressed.  You don’t usually see people instructing their children not to argue with them like you used to.

Then things got interesting.  When the mom got to the counter, the cashier’s phone rang.  After listening for a moment, the woman behind the register turned to the mother and said, “I don’t see the pasta.  Is it in the cart?”  The woman made her way through the other two carts (nearly running the woman in front of me over), and retrieved a small plastic deli container of pasta from the hot bread racks.  Oh, I should mention.  It’s mostly eaten.  Mom blamed it on her small daughter.  The person on the other end of the phone (up in the observation deck overlooking the whole store) informed the cashier the daughter did no such thing.  Grandma/friend was mortified.  Then came the line that I pray stuns me until I die.  “I spend enough money in here.  I shouldn’t have to pay for that.  It’s only two bucks.”

Are you kidding me?  You choose to buy your groceries at this store and they should just let you steal from them?  Minutes later, while the cashier was ringing up my groceries, the store manager that had caught the whole thing came down for some reason.   About that time, the cashier gets a call from the deli.  The woman came back there and chewed her out for “Getting her in trouble.”  I put that in quotes because what she actually said, well, some things are unrepeatable.  Apparently her mom/friend really let her have it.  Then I hear the “killer” of the whole thing.  The manager turned to the cashier and said, “Next time she’s in, we’ll let her walk out and then call the police.  I should have done it this time, but I didn’t want her arrested in front of her kids.”

The woman got mercy and she retaliates by lashing out at the one person who was clueless about the situation.  The deli worker was in the dark.  She got her head chewed off for something that meant nothing to her.

What has happened to this country?  I cannot imagine anyone’s excuse for eating product and not paying for it being, “You owe me.  I shop here.”  I mean, come on.  I can imagine someone lying and saying, “I tasted it.  It’s terrible.  I’m not paying for that.”  I can even imagine her sticking to her original lie and insisting it must have been her child.  I can imagine her saying that she didn’t realize she’d done it… just got sidetracked or something.  I mean, if you don’t have the scruples against stealing, it’s hard to imagine that they’d have trouble with lying.

Has our country really become this entitlement oriented?

5 thoughts on “Really?

  1. Just this week my husband drove all the way back into town, to pay for a medication, that was bagged, but never rang up. We would have “Saved” 10.00 by not driving back to the store (not to mention the thousand dollars in gas LOL), but returned it we did. If we had NOT have been honest it would have cost us SO MUCH more than 10.00.

    Honesty means NOTHING to people anymore….and it makes me sad.

  2. A friend told me she saw a lady in the grocery store use a bag of frozen peas on her knee as an ice pack but when she got to the checkout counter, she laid it on top of the candy bars. Sheesh!

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