Art Class– Home School Style

One day my fabulous illustrator, Craig, and I were discussing Thomas Kinkade. I was curious to know what other artists think of someone who became wildly popular.  Let’s just say I wasn’t surprised when he sent me a link to his blog and pictures of his Thomas Kinkade wallpaper border– liberally decorated with dragons, dinosaurs, monsters, and all kinds of fun stuff.  With a sharpie.  I showed Ethan.  Ethan already thought Craig was the world’s most awesome guy after seeing the Tardis” in the most recent map for my book, but a guy who draws on the wall with a Sharpie… ON PURPOSE???  WOW!  This dude is COOL.  Instantly, Ethan wanted to put together one of our Kinkade puzzles and do the same thing.  Craig challenged Ethan to do it.  The kid worked HARD on a very large puzzle– only to have it destroyed by children Morgann babysits.  He was daunted.  Then he found this one and begged to do it.  As you can see, it was missing a piece, but he didn’t mind.

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