That’s what the sign said.  We don’t see those often here in our town.  This one was held by a woman, probably my age, standing into a nook at the corner of the parking lot.  It was easy to miss her.  I got the impression she hated being there and really didn’t want to be seen.

I’ve tried to give food to people with “hungry signs” in the past.  Usually, if they even accept the food, it’s grudgingly at best.  I’ve actually had them refuse it, insisting on cash or nothing.  That seems to be the norm in some places.  So, I’ll confess, even as rare as it is to see, I usually don’t stop.

I’m not sure why I did this time.  Maybe it’s because she was so inconspicuous.  Perhaps it was the discomfort that seemed to exude from her when you did look.  However, while I was in the store, I grabbed a roast beef sandwich and as I left, I tore a banana from the bunch I bought and stuck them in a bag.  Just as I pulled out of my parking space, someone stopped near her and gave her what looked like money.  She seemed grateful.

When I pulled up, she’d just picked up her sign again.  The stunned look on her face was sad.   She looked just like a dear friend of mine.  I handed her the bag and the gratitude was genuine.  “Thank you.  God bless you.”

Yeah.  That’s what she said.  She sounded like she meant it.

When I arrived home, I had one regret.  I grabbed a bag full of bottles of VitaminWater.  Why didn’t I put one in the bag?

You know, it was five dollars.  The average American spends that every day on coffee.  I had just spent six on wrapping paper.  WRAPPING PAPER.  It’d be tossed in minutes.   I won’t do it every time.  Maybe not even often, but I’m glad I did this time.  It was nice to offer non-cash help (as measly as it was) and have it accepted.  I hope she’s on her feet again soon.  I hope I never see her there again– for her sake.  Meanwhile, I’m thankful for the chance to help, even if just for this once.  it was a blessing.  God did bless me.  He surely did.


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