Spring Clean~

I can feel it.  It’s coming.  Right around the corner.  Open the window.  Can you smell it?  Can you feel the breezes that are going to erupt into gale-force (or nearly so) winds in March?  Yeah.  That’s it!  SPRING!

Ok, that’s not what makes me feel like spring.  It’s that deep need to clean.  I feel it in my fingers.  Some women get the gardening itch.  They imagine planting seeds, seedlings, and full-sized plants.  They can’t wait to dig, weed, and nurture plants.  They want to remove all remnants of winter and welcome spring with open arms… and mulch, fertilizer, and water– lots of water if you live in the desert like I do!

In a way, spring house cleaning is a lot like gardening.  You pull up the weeds (stuff that doesn’t belong where it is), dig out the beds (remove stuff that you don’t need anymore, i.e. dejunk), plant seeds (begin new habits), sweep the walks (clean up), sharpen tools (make sure everything is in good working order), and basically make the inside shine and flourish as much as the outside.

Yesterday, I did a little of this in our kitchen.  It’s time to oil the counters again, so I decided to start in there.  Ok, so maybe I was procrastinating on the whole grocery shopping thing, but it worked for me. There’s something energizing about clean cabinets.  Once I got started, I kind of went overboard.  Kevin came in and pulled the windows out for me so I could clean the outsides.  He also went outside and cleaned the outside of the fixed portion of the window.  It felt a little like the time my in-laws were here cleaning the back window.  I’m sure they spent two hours, each on the opposite side of the window, picking out every single spot.  No, we weren’t that diligent.  We went for the whole, “Now you can see out the window” look.  Yeah.

It’s amazing how beautiful a clean kitchen is.  Once I got started, I felt a little like Kaye from my Confessions of a Decluttering Junkie.  I didn’t want to stop.  However, the counters were dirty, the sink was full, and I got to the point where I couldn’t do anything more until the kids did their jobs.  Now, I could have done the jobs for them (and we did do some), but really, they have jobs fore more reasons than me not having to do all the work around here.  It’s important for them to practice consistency, responsibility, and diligence.  So, I waited for them to get it done, and in the meantime, I went to Home Depot for steel wool and cheap disposable paint brushes.  Time to oil the counters, remember?

We also went to the store and bought some groceries.  Lettuce, tomato, apples, pork chops, the works.  Yum.  Cleaned out a little of the fridge, cleared the “hutch” counter and then oiled the first coat.  YAY!.  The kitchen is getting clean!  I love it.

I’m doing some dejunking too.  That big candle… don’t need it anymore.  The candles I got for a Christmas present?   They can go in the Christmas box.  The Christmas centerpiece box can go in the garage.  Don’t need it in the kitchen anymore.  We also don’t need the second air popper and DVD player in the kitchen.  Oh, and the box for the heater?  Not necessary to decorate the top of the cupboards.  Oh, and the cornflakes?  I have a nice plastic container to store them.  Don’t need them up there with the empty post office box.  Yeah, my husband has a unique style of cleaning.  It’s called, “Stash it high.  She’s short.  It shouldn’t bug her up high.  He doesn’t realize that I can see it all from my “spot” on the couch.  Say bye bye to the stuff!”

The real question is, how long is it gonna last?

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