Happy Anniversary to Us!

Twenty-two years ago at this time, I was getting ready for my wedding.  Mrs. Sherman was probably putting on someone’s makeup, Sara was likely fixing her hair, Noemi was most certainly cracking a joke, and I was probably ruining a pair of nylons.  It was a beautiful wedding.  It really was.  Sometimes I get caught up in memories of how things were not to my preference, but I really shouldn’t.  The people we love were there, we had a wonderful celebration and have pictures to “prove” it.  Family and friends drove from Iowa, in winter, so they could join us.  That was very special to us.  Local church friends worked hard to help decorate and make the ceremony a wonderful occasion.  Despite the ridiculous drama surrounding it, I really do have wonderful memories of the day.

Who knew that day that twenty-two years later, we’d be grandparents?  Who knew that baby girl my father carried on his arm as he walked me down the aisle would be a mother with a little girl and boy of her own?  We certainly didn’t imagine having nine children!  I did assume we’d still live in our house, and we do.  I did not assume my husband might be spending the day having dental surgery to give him implant(s).  We’ll see.  It depends upon what the periodontist says about his bone, the cost of the blasted things, and minor details like those.

We drove down to Victorville last night.  We like the Comfort Suites across the freeway from the mall.  They have nice large clean rooms with comfortable beds and cable channels we’re too cheap to pay for at home.  In the shopping center next to the mall is Outback.  Yeah, we enjoyed that last night.  Mmm.

I suppose not many people take a trip to a place like Victorville on their anniversary.  I seriously doubt surgery is on the lists of best ideas for anniversary celebrations.  Costco is on the agenda if he feels up to it or if I need to leave while they attack his mouth.  I’ll likely have a fish taco from Rubios on the way home.  Kevin doesn’t “do” fish tacos, but since he probably will be eating canned ravioli and vegetable beef soup for a week or so, I’m guessing he won’t mind if I do.

I’ll drive us home and keep him hopped up on pain killers for the long weekend.

Wildly romantic eh?  Yeah.  I suppose not, but it’s us.   It’s always BEEN us.  We’ve never been the rose petals and champagne types.  We’re more of coke, popcorn, and a good old musical types.  And that’s ok.  What probably seems inadequate to so many, is perfect for us.  To us, it’s beautiful.  And, since it’s our anniversary, isn’t that what counts?

Happy Anniversary, Kevin.  They’ve been the best twenty-two years of my life.  God blessed me greatly when He introduced you to me.  Oh, and do you want some ice cream?


6 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to Us!

  1. Your celebrations sound very similar to ours. We ALLL went out together to celebrate v-day at the local Mexican restaurant and we eat there all the time, but it was still special and we did it our way. (:


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