Time to Think about Christmas…

Yeah, I know.  I’m nuts.  I get that.  You see, I used to buy gifts throughout the year.  By October, I’d be three-quarters to all done shopping.  Between my kids getting older AND my “year of the chair,” that habit went by the wayside.  Well, I need to revise it.  I used to find great gifts at excellent prices, and spent a lot less on Christmas than I do these days, but to do it, I need to start NOW.  Actually, last month would have been best, but this is better than waiting until October, right?

There’s a problem, though.  You see, when kids are six, it’s easy to think about what they might enjoy in a year’s time.  If they’re new readers, in a year, they can handle games that require more reading later, if they’re eight, they can enjoy Legos with more complicated directions than the previous year.  However, when they get to be sixteen, eighteen, twenty-one… and have their own incomes, they buy what they want and when they want it.  Buying early is next to impossible, but I’m trying to find a way to do it.

Why do we think that a year is a LONG time?  Every year, almost everyone I know says, “Man, this year flew by!” or “Is it Christmas already?”  I know it technically is long, but practically speaking, there are only 312 days.  If you divide that 312 by the fourteen people in my local family… just them… that’s 22 days each to find, purchase, wrap, and be done with their gifts and stocking stuffers.  ONLY 22 days!  Since I buy two gifts per person, that is only 11 days per gift!!!  That’s less than every payday!

So, I have to get going.  I am going to work backwards.  It’s easiest to buy for the Bestekids, Lorna, Ethan, and Andra, so I’m starting there.  I know what I want to do, but it means work for some of them.  I can’t work on the bestekids’ gifts until I finish some bridesmaid’s dresses and a baby quilt.  So, I need to take advantage of the trips out of town to really see what’s available for Lorna, Ethan, and Andra– things they wouldn’t find here in Ridgecrest.  Outdoor toys?  Craft options?  Building sets?

Another problem is space.  We don’t have a lot of room here.  I can’t buy things like huge huge Knex sets or playhouses.  There’s nowhere to put them.  It makes me want to buy jewelry for the older girls.  No space!  YAY!  Ok, ok.  That’s not the best idea, but I can dream.  After twenty-two years of gift buying, creativity is waning– particularly with our space issues.

So, while the world is recovering from Valentine’s Day sugar overload (of all kinds), I’m imagining packages under a tree with favorite ornaments, popcorn strings, and shining lights.  I’ve always been a little odd…


5 thoughts on “Time to Think about Christmas…

  1. You’re inspiring! I need to do something like this this year. Much of what I’d like to get I have to order, though, so it really has to be spaced over paychecks.

  2. I’m with you Chautona, on both the year-around purchasing and the conundrum of what to do as they become teens. If you come up with a really grand idea, let me know.

    We are thinking of doing stockings as usual but then either giving each child one significant gift or taking us all somewhere as the gift. Not sure yet.

    And I have a friend who is the mother of 9; she stores hers in the unused bathtub 🙂

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