Decorating with Photos

For years, I wanted to use portraits of my children in my decorating, but there was a problem.  Every time I put them on the walls, they looked cluttered and suddenly the beauty of each picture was lost.  They just looked sad.  Frustrating.

Now, perhaps if I didn’t have nine children (with grandchildren now!) to put up on the short walls of our small home, it wouldn’t seem so odd.  If I had two or three children to showcase, it might have been ok, but with nine… not so much.

The first success I had was buying plain frames.  I found eight black frames (one for each of my remaining children at home) in 5×7 size and voila.  It worked.  Suddenly the walls seemed much less jumbled.  That one thing made a huge difference.  However, I didn’t realize just how unifying eight different photos could be until I ordered the recent ones.  I made sure I chose black and white (well, technically “chocolate” ones).


I now have one corner with eight 5×7’s.  Don’t they look awesome?  I love it.  Another wall has a group of collages…  For some reason, they look great as color.  So, I  left them.  Two other walls have photos as well.  So, I’m surrounded by my kids and grandkids without the frustration of things looking cluttered.  It doesn’t hurt to have an excellent professional photographer in the family, eh?  Braelyn took every picture shown… and hundreds more that I just CANT put on my walls… as much as I’d LOVE to.







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