Book Review: The Bible

Title: The Bible

Author: God

Publisher’s Synopsis: None… it can’t be summarized adequately for a back of the book teaser.


I tend to like to find the warts as well as the gold nuggets in books that I review, but this one was a bit difficult.  You see, the whole thing is just one giant nugget of Almighty Goodness, and there are no warts.  I cannot adequately summarize it… it’d take FOREVER.  Not to mention, I couldn’t possibly do it justice.  Being the Word of God and all, it’s living, breathing, sharper than any double-edged sword!  It drives all the way to the bones.  Like my mom used to say, “Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone.”  Well, the Bible will expose that ugly.  Oh man will it.

So, I unreservedly recommend the book.  Get it.  Off the shelf… dust it off… go down to the thrift store if you need one and don’t have one… whatever it takes.  Get one.  Read it.  Let God handle the rest.  He’s pretty good at that.


And yes,  I wrote this because I was too sick to read and review the book I was supposed to have done today.  This one is more important anyway.



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