In His Image

There’s a song I used to love sung by Keith Lancaster & His Image ( I think ).  It went…

We were made in His image
Being formed by a perfect hand
At the dawn of creation
In His likeness He made man

I think we forget that sometimes.  I think this is why I almost have a NEED to create.  It’s all cheap imitation when you look at it in the grand scheme of things.  Even our greatest artists, sculptors, and musicians are still imitating the beauty that God created first.  I really think that’s mostly what Solomon meant by “There is nothing new under the sun.”  He’s saying that whatever we do, no matter how original it may seem– God did it first.  I’m probably wrong, but that’s how I’ve always seen it.

However, one thing I know:  If I do not make the time to create, I wither.  Emotionally, physically, and somewhat spiritually I think.  I remember there being a time when I absolutely needed to sew just to keep sane.  It was during the height of my girls’ “hard-on-clothes” period.  You know, that period when you make a new jumper, they go outside, and come in 20 minutes later to tell me that it was already torn.  Yeah.  That wasn’t always my favorite time.  Sigh.  So, I started a business, sewing for other people, simply so that I could create things that I loved.  Each garment left my home perfect.  I never had to see it fade, tear, or get stained.  Oh, I know they did– they were worn by other children.  however, I never saw it.  As far as my eyes were concerned, it always looked as nice, crisp, and pristine as it did when it left my house.

That’s part of the “Walden” of my life.  I create.  Oh, sure, if I was going to be a purist, I’d make things out of creosote, cholla, and rocks.  Well, I like paper and fabric– textiles.  It is what appeals to me, and if the point is for me to have my spirit soothed by something, I’m going to do something that actually soothes my spirit, ergo, cards, clothing, quilts, etc.

When Braelyn got her new camera, she took pictures of literally everything.   Fingers, broom, siblings, laptop screens, and the stuff on my card table while I was working.  As I looked at these pictures later, they too appealed to my sense of aesthetic.  I liked seeing the light play off the buttons, the way shadows made things look different in each angle, and how when you focus so tightly on one small area, the rest seems to blur into oblivion.  Isn’t that how life is too?  I was also impressed with the idea that the photos are Braelyn’s “Walden” in her life.  She loves photography– taking a second of life and capturing it for life.

I kind of liked the reminder that the beauty isn’t just in the finished product– it’s also in the process.  The beauty is everywhere– everywhere.  We just have to look for it.  My craft table was horribly messy that day.  It needed to be sorted, organized, and SCRUBBED.  However, the pictures she took showed the emerging cuteness that was the card my daughter took to a baby shower the next day.  THAT was what showed because that was where the focus was.

And the end result…


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