The New Year Is Approaching…

I’d like to think it tiptoes, but I’m afraid it is kind of like Satan– a roaring lion seeking whom it may devour.  Well, I confess, some years it devours me.  This year, I’m the lion tamer/trainer.  No more letting life whiz past as I try to remember what I’ve experienced.  No more days of wondering where the day went.  It’s one thing to feel like the day zipped by, but it’s another thing not to know what happened as it zipped.  Too often, I can’t tell what happened in a day or remember what to thank the Lord for.

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I have never been a strong “New Year’s Resolutions” kind of gal.  Oh, sure, I’ve made plans– some I’ve succeeded, others were forgotten almost as quickly as I made them, but I’m ok with that.  However, what I’m not ok with is seeing life slip from my fingers.  I want to hold onto it.  It’s a precious gift!  Each day, the Lord hands me an amazing present– a day.  If it was a gold bar, I wouldn’t just let it slip from my hands into the ocean and think, “Well, that was a bummer.”  I’d hold onto it.  Treasure it.  Use it to make my life and the lives around me as pleasant, memorable, and meaningful as I could.  Why do I not do this with my days?

So, as I make plans for the New Year, I do it with the goal of Carpe Diem!  I’m going to seize my days!  I think I do better if I focus on small areas and master them rather than trying to overhaul my whole life.  Don’t get me wrong, my natural inclination is definitely to do the whole life overhaul!  However, I need it step, by, very slow step or I’m not going to succeed.  This year I want to focus on three F’s.

Food- Good meals, regularly scheduled, and with less waste.

Family- Time spent having deliberate fun together.  We’re great at spending time in each others’ company, but I want to expand that back into games, going places, and doing things together.  I think it’s important.

Finances- I have goals. It’s time to make them a reality.

So, what are your “Focus points” for 2011?  Are you making “New Year’s Resolutions?”  If so, how do you determine what you do?  Inquiring minds want to know!


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