Over-Thinking- The Curse of the 21st Century?

Ok, I need to state right off, that I think there have been “over-thinkers” throughout history.  I mean, even reading the Bible, you can see who was afflicted by it and who wasn’t.  (David, anyone?)  However, it seems to me that technology and the affordability of things like books and other media has taken what once was a problem of a few and created an epidemic of it.

Self-help books.  There are an explosion of them.  I happen to like them.  Though, I tend not to DO anything in them, I get a kick out of reading people’s ideas for existing in this crazy world of ours, but that’s kind of my point.  When I read biographies, histories, etc. of past centuries, I don’t see people navel gazing nearly as much as we do here in our time.  Why is this?

I’m convinced that part of it simply has to do with the fact that we don’t have to work like dogs for a basic existence anymore.  We don’t get up at four in the morning, milk a cow or three, gather eggs, go inside, eat a huge breakfast, and then bust sod until the sun goes down and we collapse in bed after another meal… that we’d probably want more of if we could afford it.  That’s just not life for most people anymore– certainly not the people who could be reading this blog… because if you can afford internet, you can probably afford food– even if it’s not meat with most meals.

It is my own inclination to analyze everything to death.  To consider every side of every issue… even if that issue is simply where to store the turkey roasting pan between holidays.  I want detailed systems for everything.  I like the idea of fixing anything that doesn’t seem like it’s working, but the mental energy expended on something like that does make me wonder if I’m not creating a problem that I otherwise wouldn’t have.  The odd thing is, on the other end of that coin, I also tend to say, “Que sera, sera.”  I mean, what’s the point of stressing about life.  It’s a gift.  Let’s enjoy it.

Yeah, I know life is easier to enjoy when things are running smoothly, but if you spend more of your life planning or analyzing your life than you do living your life, have you really lived?  Then again, I’m probably just over-thinking this.


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