Ingenuity- Five Year Old Style

Another page… CHECK!  At this rate, I might finish these silly memory book pages before my grandkids are old enough to read them.  Now wouldn’t THAT be nice.  Whew.  Twenty-seven pages down, too many to count to go.  Loving it though.  Loving it.  Somehow, the upper paragraph got shifted upward, but it’s fixed now.  🙂

We raced around the house playing all kinds of exciting games.  We dug in the garden, “rode” on my father’s motorcycle, played with my toys and then something changed.  Any time children get antsy, they’re liable to do something odd, and we did.  A game of hide and seek turned into an odd game of tag.

There were steps of some kind leading into French doors.  I think to my parents’ room.  Julie slipped into the door and promptly locked it before I could get in.  The second she saw me turn to go downstairs and come in that way, she raced to lock that door.  I, on the other hand, was prepared.

On the railing, near the door, was a hammer.  I have no idea why there was a hammer there— it certainly didn’t belong there.  However, a hammer was exactly what I needed to “best” my cousin.  I was four or five at the time.  No older than five though.  Once I saw Julie run out the door, I picked up the hammer and broke the pane nearest the door handle.  I simply reached in and opened the door.  Oh the look on Julie’s face when she saw me come into the kitchen from behind her!

Oh the look on Mom’s face when she discovered the broken pane!



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