Leftovers and Mending

Image compliments of Istockphoto.com I buy all my photos from istock

What do they have in common?  Well, in this house, tons.  You see, on the topic of mending, I don’t like it.  I never have.  I’d rather make a whole new dress from scratch than mend one.  It’s just how I’m wired.  I mean, don’t we all have our idiosyncrasies?  Mending is mine.  I am grateful that we don’t live in a time when darning socks is common.  As a matter of fact, I happen to disagree with people who say that darn is an euphemism for a word of a four letter nature implying fire and brimstone.  I believe darn was and always has been used as a term of frustration because it is synonymous with darning.

Well, recently, I realized that I’m the same way with food as I am with fabric.  I’ve fought the waste of leftovers for YEARS.  YEARS.  We throw away WAY too much food in this house.  I’m determined to have a handle on it someday while I still have children living here.  It’s a life goal of mine.  Actually, I may put it on my dayzeroproject list.  Yes.  Yes I might.  I’d rather start with fresh ingredients than cooked ones.  It’s really that simple.

Image compliments of Istockphoto.com I buy all my photos from istock

It’s also really foolish.  I mean, the great thing about leftovers is that they’re mostly done.  No matter what you do to them, they’re almost ready to serve.  Leftover roast can go in soup, enchiladas, or BBQ sandwiches.  It’s already cooked.  If you wanna do BBQ sandwiches, you jsut stir in the sauce, slather on a roll, add some green beans, and VOILA.  Dinner is DONE.  What’s my problem???

Same goes for mending, though, doesn’t it?  I mean, with mending, all I have to do is go in my room, rip out a couple of inches, regather the skirt to the bodice, and the dress is mended.  Poof.  Done.  Instead, I dilly and dally until it doesn’t fit anymore and just make a new one– happy as a clam.

Mending and leftovers.  I bet I could save a thousand dollars a year if I’d be more diligent about taking care of both.  That’s pretty sad and pretty cool– at the same time.

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