Autumn Leaves

Pasted on the window…

The Autumn leaves…

That I colored…


Late summer often found us at Grandma Avants’ apartment on Osborn in Phoenix.  Uncle Oscar and Aunt Kay drove up from Kearney and while Dad and Uncle Oscar debated football scores, politics, and who knows what else, Aunt Kay and I would cut out decorations for the bulletin board and windows of her third or fourth grade classroom.

Leaves of red, gold, and brown appeared and we wrote the names of her students on each leaf.  She talked about her classes and the children that went through her room each year.  To be honest, I didn’t listen to her stories as much as I did her voice.  I tried to imagine myself as a student in one of those desks with my name on a nearby window or bulletin board.  I tried to hear her tell the class to take out paper and pencils while she gave out spelling words that I knew instinctively I would spell correctly.  I was always very good at spelling with the exception of the word very.  I had serious issues with very containing only one r.  For a word that implies a great quantity or deep meaning, very with one r just didn’t make sense.  it should be verry.  Well, that was my story and I was sticking to it.

You know, two of my uncles were also teachers but I knew little about their classes.  Uncle Lon taught automotive shop at Channel Islands High School.  Uncle Oscar taught at Kearney High School I think.  I have no idea what he taught and if I am correct about the school where he taught.  I do remember Aunt Kay and though I never saw it, her classroom.


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