Accomplishable Dreams:

Have you ever read those lists of things like

  • Went bungee jumping
  • Saw the ocean
  • Read a hundred classic books

and so forth?

I like those lists.  It’s fun to see all the things that they recommend you do.  However, the fact is, not all of them are accomplish-able.  I mean, going on a cruise sounds exciting, traveling through Europe is probably a wonderful experience, but we can’t always do those things.  So, I decided to make a list of dreams that because of where we live, our financial resources,  health, skills… whatever is in my grasp… I can actually do!  I thought that’d be fun.  So, I started typing up a list.  Maybe I’ll add to it over time…

  1. Go on a murder mystery train.  I’ve wanted to go ever since I found one in Fillmore California.  It’s not expensive.  I want to go.
  2. Publish a book with a traditional publisher.
  3. Lose 40 lbs.  I’d love to lose 80, but I’d be satisfied with 40.
  4. Make the memory book for Mom and Dad BEFORE they’re too old to remember anything in it.
  5. Finish my Pattern Piece Blog
  6. Make my hobbies “self-sustaining.”  (IOW… pay for themselves)
  7. Make 50 skirt/top sets and 50 shirt/short sets for an orphanage somewhere.
  8. Make each of my kids another quilt.
  9. Sew up and/or get rid of all the fabric at my house until I’m down to one tote or less.
  10. Do the 29 Gifts Challenge.

I’ve started this list and more at Day Zero Project.  This is going to be fun!


One thought on “Accomplishable Dreams:

  1. I am thrilled to see your Pattern Piece blog as a goal you want to work on! Those kinds of tutorials, instructions and tips have been the best help in my journey of learning to sew. I’ll be checking back frequently.

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