I did another page for the memory book for my parents.  I moseyed on over to A Wonderful Life and found this silly story.  It was very hard to do this page.  It’s more “elements” than story.  I’ll probably make adjustments later.  I’m not exactly pleased with it, but it’s fine for now.  What amazed me most was how the page kept asking for more and then WHAM.  Something I really thought it needed WOULD NOT WORK.  So, I’ll give it another look when the time comes to put the whole thing together.  YAY!

I also see that I need to adjust margins etc… I don’t like the split up words.  That annoys me.

Because it’s nearly impossible to read, I’m adding the text below.

We went camping once when we lived in either Fillmore or Moorpark—Mom, Dad, Bear, my cousin David, possibly Julie, and me.  I don’t remember much of that trip except that David was very out of his element.  I remember campfires, and I think Bear and David did some hunting.  I don’t remember if they were successful.

However, the morning we left, David tried to feed Wheaties to a nearby donkey or mule.  The animal was not impressed and showed his disdain for the lack of carrot or apple by kicking David in the gut.

Why is it that I always giggle at that thought?  Shame on me.



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