Cleaning Up My Act

I spent much of the weekend cleaning my room.  You’d think with a good organizational system, it’d help keep things easy to put away, eh?  So, this is what I got done at the end of the day.  Yeah, there are still a few boxes in there that you can see in corners of the pictures.  After December, those will be gone, but we keep boxes around during the month of December, and my room is the storage place.  Dad burn it.

Remember the Organizational Challenge?  Yeah.  Me too.  I really did do quite a few of them.  I did!  Look! See?  Well, I’m sure it looks like I just gave up on it.  Truthfully, I didn’t.  I just discovered that you can’t really make organizational plans for a new hobby when you don’t know enough about it to know what plans to make.

For Example:  Analyzing Space. Well, you know what?  I’ve changed so much in how I make cards in the past six months (and at the time I started this thing, I hardly ever made any!) that today, I couldn’t find more things, could find more things, and have a whole different outlook and process in my crafting.  This rang true of so many things.

Another problem is that I designed one corner of my room to be a craft corner for sewing.  It is specifically set up for me to sew.  It works beautifully.  Aside from making large quilts or something like that, it is a perfect sewing area.  I had a small paper craft section to the corner– one I thought would be just fine.  Well, it wasn’t.  As you can see, the difference in the amount of “Stuff” I have now compared to then is HUGE.  I mean HUGE.  I really want a larger area, but to do that means a lot of work I don’t wanna think about.

So, I actually plan to do this some more this year.  It may only be one or two a week, but now that I have a better idea of how things work, I think it’ll be a nice thing.  I’m giving a recap here of what that challenge is about.  The ones with “Strike Through” are the ones I’m pretty sure I won’t be doing.

Craft Organization Challenge


Week 1–  Space Audit

Week 2–  Brainstorming

Week 3–  Start Small or Go for Broke

Week 3–  Bonus for Overhaulers

Week 4- Paper

Week 5- Scrap Paper

Week 6– Photo Organization

Week 7– Ideas

Week 8– Projects and UFOs  (this might need a strike through, but I might do it as a “FINISH them so you don’t have them anymore” kind of thing.)

Week 9- Embellishments

Week 10–  Alphas

Week 11– Stickers & Rub-ons

Week 12– Ribbons & Fibers

Week 13–  Stamps

Week 14– Cropping Supplies (This is what she’s calling “your take it with you when you work with friends” kit)

Week 15– Ink Pads & Embossing Supplies

Week 16–  Paints, Glitters, & Stickles (whatever that is)  (Note:  I know what Stickles are now!!!!!)

Week 17– Punches

Week 18–  Tools

Week 19– Chipboard

Week 20– Die Cuts

Week 21– Pens & Pencils

Week 22– Dies (no, this isn’t what happens to you if you do all this!)

Week 23–  Templates

Week 24– Memorabilia

Week 25– Negatives

Week 26– Two Part Week.  (1) How are you going to keep it clean and (2) Organizing Albums

Week 27– Fonts

Week 28–  Card Storage

Week 29–  Make it Pretty

One thing she puts in every single post is her list of “rules of organization.”  I thought they were excellent so I’m sharing them now.  Please note, these rules belong to the brilliant blogger at “My Love Affair with the Label Maker” and not mine.

1. Label your containers.
2. Be consistent in your methods.
3. Don’t be too specific – your search for your items within your space should be short and simple.
4. Your organizational method should be easy to take out AND put away.
5. When organizing, break any large piles into smaller groupings. Have a 2 foot tall stack of paper to sort? Do it in 1″ high chunks, it will be easier to handle mentally.
6. If it’s something that you use on almost every project, then keep it within reach of your main scrap area.
7. Don’t stress your containers. Get a new system or purge your stash.
8. For most items, product packaging adds bulk. Toss it. One exception – rub ons.
9. Repurpose when you can – almost anything can be painted or covered in paper/fabric.
10. THE GOLDEN RULE – FIRST choose an organizational method, THEN choose a container that fits your space and style. Always shop for containers with a list in hand – a beautiful container is simply clutter if it doesn’t have a dedicated purpose in your space!
I figured out (after going through the entire thing) that this blog is ONLY about this challenge so I can’t tell you that there are any great other things there, but maybe she’ll come along and add other fun stuff for us organizational junkies.

The whole thing has me spinning wondering if I could do something similar with my sewing gear.  If I do it, I’ll let you know.

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