Week in Retrospect

Journal of November 28-December 4

Sunday- Although two days late, we had an absolute blast with friends and the Neipp Annex, stringing popcorn and decorating the tree!  It all started with a trek to the tree lot at Immanuel Baptist Church, where we almost switched from Douglas Fir to “Grand” whatever that is.  It was gorgeous!  Then we saw our current tree, and, well, that’s all she wrote.  This tree was stunning!  Back at the house, we started the annual popping of corn, heating of chocolate drinks, and I had to make a last second run for candy canes.  Duh.  As usual, I spent the night threading needles and tying strings of popcorn together while everyone strung three popcorn kernels and one cranberry (in that sequence) onto long lengths of quilting thread.  By the way, I highly recommend quilting thread for stringing cranberries and popcorn.  Just sayin’.  We sang along with old music, watched White Christmas, told stories, made jokes, laughed our socks off, and basically had a grand old time.  Aaron hung the strings for the Advent boxes and up went the fun.  Those things are chock full of great stuff, and Lorna is starting to “get” a sense of time thanks to those little things.  For the record, they’re emptying WAY too fast.  Four gone at the end of the first week.  EEEK!

Monday- Morgann stressed over wrote her university essays while the rest of the family (sans me) slept!  I tried working more on my NaNoWriMo story, but instead, was pulled to the book I was working on prior to November 1.  I mean, after all, it’s kind of crazy to push for something when you know it won’t be done.  So, while Morgann pounded the keys of her new laptop in her quest to write an essay that will stun the acceptance committee at UCLA or UC Irvine, I wrote about kidnappers, assaulting officers, and human trafficking.  Yeah.  I like to write wholesome uplifting stories dontcha know.

Tuesday- Shipped out the first of my three gift exchange packages, blissfully unaware that the inspiration piece for it was on the floor of my bedroom.  This is my first year in this particular gift exchange.  I’ve been a part of the Hearth Keepers gift exchange since the first year we had the board, and I’ve done the “SantaThing” over at LibraryThing a couple of times (they tend to make sign ups last second and you don’t know until it’s to late!  EEK).  Well, this year I also joined the gift exchange at Splitcoast Stampers.  YAY!  So much fun.  They have an amazing program of sharing “wishes” with each other and the WRAK (wished random act of kindness) did a gift exchange.  Fortunately for me, I “know” my recipient a little, but unfortunately for her, I’m new at this whole stamping thing.  Yeah.  So, I started by buying one thing.   That thing had several colors.  From there I added things to use with it.  The problem was, part of the gift had to be stamped images from their wish list.  Um, I didn’t have any.  Well, I didn’t after I filled the two wishes I could have up front.  I did that as a diversionary tactic.  I hope it worked.  So, after spending a small fortune (but having WAY more fun than you can possibly imagine) I shipped out the box.  Then I discovered that inspiration item still in my house.  It went out the next day, but so far it’s still not in the stupid USPS System.  Grr.

Wednesday- Opened the first box of  the advent calendar– NERDS!  The kids are having a hard time understanding that the bag of candy on the fridge is off limits.  See, we have LOTS of people in this family.  There isn’t room for a piece of some candies in those boxes (think small snickers… ten of em… in one box that’d probably hold about a cup of flour… maybe a smidge more… yeah.  So, I put the excess in zip lock bag and we can hand it out that way.  Unless they keep thinking it’s their leftover candy from the Harvest Festival up at Calvary Chapel at Halloween time.  Yeah.  Oy.

Thursday- We had a nice, relaxed day of fun ending with my favorite sandwich for dinner and Ball of Fire with Amy after everyone was in bed.  Ok, Ball of Fire was hilarious, but not as hilarious as trying to get it to play.  See, it was on Netflix instant watch.  I like instant watch.  So, we hooked up Kevin’s laptop to the TV with a VGA cable and plugged in the sound.  We hit control F8.  Control F7.  Control F1, F2, F3…4…5..6…9… OY.  We tried function and all the keys.  WE tried EVERYTHING.  My laptop.  Then we gave up and decided on watching a DVD.  We couldn’t find the remote.  Just as I was ready to give up, I realize the problem.  I had the TV on channel “CMPT” when it was supposed to be on “PC.”  Gulp.  Laughter is wonderful medicine.  Just sayin’.

Friday- I spent the entire day exhausted and trying to breathe– I was pretty much alive by six o’clock.  Then, as I felt better, I started writing like crazy.  I’m very pleased to announce that I finished chapter 31 of Deceptive Appearances (the one about the kidnapping, the assaulted officers, and human trafficking), and I laughed hilariously as Amy made signs as props for her speech tomorrow.  Snort.  Braelyn took Andra’s Birthday pictures (not even two months late!!!) and got some stunners.  YAY!  I still can’t figure out how two very ordinary people like Kevin and me could come up with such gorgeous kids!

Saturday- One of the most favorite days of the year!  We went out to Santa’s Art Shop, and I was on a mission.  I was DESPERATE to find the ultimate gift for my exchange person.  DESPERATE.  I found a COOL purse.  Almost bought it, but you know how purses are– people are usually picky about their purses.  What if she hated it???  Then I saw something gorgeous for the wall.  I think it was HER.  But, it always seems weird to buy something that requires someone use it in their house and on their wall.  Seems… um… presumptuous!    Then, I came home, ran to make a few orders, and took a nap.  The kids all went out to our friends’ house to celebrate one of the children’s birthday so it was just Kevin and me… and some of the time, Braelyn.  After my nap, I went to work on cards and other goodies to add to this exchange package.  I am having so much fun.  We planned for Lemon Pepper chicken for dinner, but with no one home, we’re reconsidering that idea.  Maybe Casey’s… mmmmm


One thought on “Week in Retrospect

  1. Mom, I think that thing you saw at Santa’s was the same thing I saw and was like OH YEAH! SHE NEEDS THAT! 😉 Just sayin’

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