Strollin’ Down Memory Lane

On my A Wonderful Life blog, I write about the memories I have of my childhood.  I LOVE my childhood.  It was a delightful time in my life.  People often express dismay at how often I moved, the strange places we lived, and even my parents’ educational choices for me (choices I happen to appreciate greatly), but while I can see that life was not perfect, it was beautiful and wonderful.  I have memories that most children could only dream of having.  How many kids do you know that got to sleep on the roof, in the shrubs, on the front lawn, or at the beach– for fun!

A couple of years ago, I started turning those stories into scrapbook pages.  One of my goals is to get them all done, add all the memories I can think of, and bind them into a memory book for my parents.  This week, I made a step toward that with another page in that book.  🙂


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