Thirty Days of Thanksgiving

Day 30:

Leftovers.  Today as I try to figure out how to use up the leftover Turkey, I realize just how grateful I am that we can afford to buy enough food for leftovers.  Can you imagine what it’s like to live where the idea of having more food at a meal than you can consume is absolutely foreign?  I can’t.  My problem isn’t that I don’t have enough food. No, our problem is the obscene amount of food that we waste.  You know, I’m not a big doom and gloomer.  I know things can and probably will go south in this country.  How far south is anyone’s guess.  However, I tend to live on the, “The Lord has it all in hand” camp.  No, I’m not especially spiritual.  I’m more of a, “You can’t change what is going to happen anyway, so why get worked up about it” type gal.

However, I CAN do something about the amount of food we waste, and I CAN be grateful that we are (at least for now) blessed with an abundance of it.  So, today I’m working to use up our leftovers.  It’s gonna be yummy.  I’m even thinkin’ about maybe making some rolls to go with the turkey soup.  That sounds pretty delicious too.


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