Thirty Days of Thanksgiving

Day 25:

Today I am thankful for Kevin– and with that, marriage.  I always swore that I wouldn’t ever marry.  I was declaring that fact seconds before Kevin asked me to marry him.  Yeah, he’s always been daring like that.

It seems like just yesterday Kevin and I got up the Friday after Thanksgiving, certain it’d be a nice slow day in Las Vegas, and crawled into his car at six a.m. to drive to Sin City to get married.  Kevin wasn’t feeling good so we went to the registrar’s office and waited in ENORMOUS lines to get our license.  While waiting, we learned that the day after Thanksgiving is their second busiest day of the year (after Valentine’s  Day obviously).  Who knew?  The people ahead of us had to declare that they had been married before– her divorce was final a few days prior.  So sad.  We felt like we were in a cattle drive.  NEXT!  (emphatic and bored at the same time– how is that possible?)

We were directed to “Chapel of the Bells” and went inside.  We brought nice clothes so we’d feel more festive, but Kevin was feeling horrible (sick) and so we stood there in our jeans (me in my jean jacket) and waited our turn.  The pastor (Kevin calls him Dr. Dave) asked if we had rings.  We said no.  So he starts his service.  Gets to the rings, asks for them, we say no… AGAIN… and he says, “Aaah, the ring is but a symbol…” and moves along as if nothing amiss.

We’d planned to drive right back home, but Kevin felt so awful that we stayed.  The room we were given was FILTHY.  I wouldn’t let him sit down until they got someone in to clean it up… and the comedy of errors (including an overflowing toilet) went from there.  I’ll spare you the details.

It seems like yesterday… 22 years ago.


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