NaNoWriMo Update

Well, this has been my slowest NaNo yet!  WOAH.  Part of it has to do with building blog-sites, editing Paisley, and a few other important things like oh, well, stuff.  Add to that the occasional fight with what I want to write and sticking to the story and it’s DRAGGING at times.  Here I am, over 20 days into it and I haven’t hit 50k yet.  I will NOT be finishing the book before the end.  Sure, I’ll get to 50k.  That’s not the problem.  The problem is that I LIKE to get the bulk of the book done and then just have fleshing to do during editing.

Part of the trouble came with one conversation.  I tend to have men who may struggle to say what they want (if that’s their personality) but they do force themselves to say it in SOME way.  If they can’t take the time to consider, think, and speak, they write or call.  They don’t just back out of a difficult situation.  This year, Jack is the kind of guy who is a little oversensitive at times and because of it, he clams up when he’s uncomfortable.  He knows it’s his weakness and doesn’t want to yield to it, so instead, he lets it control him in a different way.  Don’t we all?

I eventually just wrote a note to self “They finish the conversation and Jack goes home” and moved along.  It was crazy to keep typing, rereading, and saying, “Nope, out of character.”  It’s really the first time I’ve ever had this problem.  I can’t call it writer’s block.  I know what has to happen etc.  It’s more that my character is holding me hostage.

Once I moved past, I was good though.

I’m at the fun part now.  I’ve been going slow deliberately because the book really takes off from here and it’s just too cool, y’know?  I’m discovering that I want to savor it.  Odd, isn’t it?

Hazel finally quit being a shallow little silly flirtatious thing (which she’s not supposed to be but that’s how I saw her for a bit).  I’ll have to fix the beginning in editing so she doesn’t come off so … silly.

Dirk and Deborah are giving me great fun in their word wars, and John is delightfully evil.  He’s just about to cause havoc.  Not Havig… that’s what I do.


One thought on “NaNoWriMo Update

  1. While people have been writing the NaNoWriMo I’ve stayed on my current project of four years. I’ve only written about 13,000 words this month. It would have been more, but like you (and all of us I guess) life happens. I hope to be done with this 200 thousand word epic by mid-summer.

    Good to see you on WP. I’ll subscribe. Good luck in finishing strong. 😉

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