Thirty Days of Thanksgiving

Day 19:

Today I’m thankful for modern luxuries.  I’m thinking of things like indoor plumbing, water heaters, dishwashers, electricity, gas heaters, and dentures not made of wood.  I’m thankful for soap that I don’t have to make from ashes and fat all by myself, and for the ability to drive in my temperature-controlled automobile to a store and purchase whatever vegetables and fruits I desire, whatever meats, everything, without having to work like a dog to grow them, raise them, and butcher them.

I’m thankful for modern medicine.  I’m thankful that I am not likely to outlive most of my children.  I’m thankful that cleaning is easy, and life is about more than survival.

I know that these things could change at any time.  We aren’t guaranteed any particular lifestyle, but I’m thankful for it while I have it.



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