Thirty Days of Thanksgiving

Day 17:

Memories.  Today I am thankful for memories.  As I write my NaNo story, I am constantly dragged into my childhood imagination, remembering the questions I asked as Dad sang of Cowboy Jack and his quarrel with the sweetheart on the prairie.  I imagined so many things back then.  Sitting on the floor next to Uncle Lon’s hearth, I wondered if he forgot her birthday, or if he saw her talking to another man and got jealous.  I remember making “Italian sub sandwiches” that were just a regular sub with Italian dressing and then heated in their enormous microwave.

I remember waking up to the sound of Dad practicing Nola or Meet Mr. Callahan.  I’d come downstairs and the coffee table would be littered with Kittle’s Theological Dictionary and pages of notes.  He studied so much.  My father LOVES the Word.  However, at the end of his early morning time with the Lord, he’d pull out the guitar, take a sip of his hot coffee, and play Little Drummer Boy or The Ship.

Mom usually got up a bit later, came in, and sometimes we’d have sourdough pancakes that were almost as good as when we made them over an open campfire– something else that always makes me think of Cowboy Jack.

Yes, on this day of November, I am deeply grateful for memories.  They help narrow the distance when loved ones are so far away.


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