Thirty Days of Thanksgiving

Day Six:

When a man just loves tinkering, working with his hands, building things, and so on, finishing off a garage is a challenge– an enjoyable challenge.  However, when he doesn’t, it’s work.  Hard work, and work that he doesn’t necessarily get a whole lot of satisfaction from.

Kevin is finishing off the garage.  He and my son-in-law, David, built a room in there to hold the laundry separate from the rest of the garage yesterday.  Was it how he wanted to spend his day?  I doubt it.  Does he like spending his weekends hanging drywall, sanding the mud, the works?  Not usually, no.  However he’s doing it because he loves us.  He puts us first, every time, every single time.  And I’m thankful for that.

I am very thankful for that.  It has made the past nearly twenty-two years the most wonderful years of my life.  I am thankful for Kevin.


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