Thirty Days of Thankfulness

Day Three:

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Well, I had another idea for today, but today, I’m thankful for a working laptop.  You see, I was just doing my thing, getting ready for the next contest for my new release for Christmas and managed to pick up one of those nasty malware things that insist you have a virus and you MUST buy their product to get rid of it.  I did everything right.  It popped up, I shut down immediately.  I started up, tried to run AVG and guess what.  It was THAT GOOD.  Told me no way, Jose, can’t do it because of this horrible virus that you have and we need to get rid of for you.

My amazing husband came home, ran some program that is beyond amazing, and voila.  Lappie is working great.  Me, I was exhausted from the emotional upheaval of imagining my 9k words in my NaNo lost, and decided to go to bed.  Once up, I went shopping for a gift exchange and forgot about today’s thingie, so here we are… me, grateful for my working and very lovely laptop.  God is so very good to me… and Kevin ain’t bad either.


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