A Week in the Life of the Havig Kitchen~

So, last night I woke up from an impromptu nap to see that the roast I’d tossed in the crockpot was done, tasty, and the green beans were all gone.  Havig kids LOVE green beans.  Frozen, cooked, doesn’t matter.  So, today, I go to the store and buy groceries.  I do that.  Why?  Well, the fact is, people around here have this insane idea that they’re supposed to eat on a regular basis.  So, dinner’s gonna look a little like this for the next few days…


Image courtesy of Istockphoto

Lasagna and salad


Image courtesy of Istockphoto

Chili and cornbread.  (I’m salivating already)


Image courtesy of Istockphoto

Chicken “alfredo” with vermicelli or angel hair (can’t remember which I got).  Salad.  Yum.


Image courtesy of Istockphoto

Scotch Broth and rolls


Image courtesy of Istockphoto

Chicken Bacon Sandwiches & Ranch Style Beans


Image courtesy of Istockphoto

Pepper Steak, rice,  and green beans

I’m looking forward to this week already.  Yum.


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