Monday’s School Room…

So, tomorrow is Monday.  You know, that day of the week that seems to create love or hate wherever it goes?  I know very few people who seem ambivalent about Mondays.  Most don’t like them, a few love it.  Me, I’m bi-polar about the day and flip-flop.  That’s just me.

The other day I realized that it’s time to start reading all the wonderful books I have for Lorna to her.  I tend just to read the ones she crawls up in my lap with instead of the ones I choose to enrich her.  Yeah, I’m lazy.  Well, in the slightly altered words of Izma, “She ain’t gettin’ any younger!”  The child is now six and ready to flourish educationally.  Some of my kids were younger at this point, others were older, but she’s “there.”  So for Monday’s schoolwork for her we have…


It’s time to make sure she has all the basic stories “down.”  I know that I didn’t do this with Andra and Ethan, and I was surprised at what things they knew WELL and what things they DIDN’T.  I’m going to use The Children’s Illustrated Bible by Selina Hastings for DK as a reference for going through the Bible to make sure I don’t miss any good stories either.  For those who have never seen this wonderful “Children’s Bible” (It’s been a while, but I don’t remember taking issue with much in it at all!), there is an inexpensive copy up on eBay with a “Buy it Now.”

And, she’ll be learning (with her siblings)

Thou Art Worthy

Thou art worthy
Thou art worthy
Thou art worth, oh Lord.
To receive glory
Glory and honor
Glory and honor and pow’r
For Thou hast created
Hast all things created
Thou hast created all things
And for Thy pleasure
They are created
For Thou art worthy, oh Lord.


A few more pages in her math book.  Being off all summer seems to have made her forget that the numbers nine and ten exist, but she’s almost back on track.  She does great after twelve, but nine and ten apparently are still on vacation.  She adds nicely, had no trouble with clocks, so I’m thinkin’ it’s a bit of laziness combined with a few months of mathematical famine.


First we’ll pop in a “letter DVD” because it seems to get her brain in gear for paying attention.  Then I’m going to pull out 100 EZ lessons and see if she does well with that before we go through the whole “Scaredy Cat Reading” thing.  After all, that was a last resort for Ethan (who just couldn’t grasp the concepts before that) and 100 EZ is much more up  my alley.  We’ll see.


Right now, we’re doing  BASIC stuff.  SUPER basic.  I write her name, and she makes the letters correctly.  Up until now, she’s been writing her name in all caps, so we’re working on forming the letters correctly (she likes to try to make letters without “tails” or “horns” and then tack those on afterward.  It works ok for a lowercase A (if a bit time wasteful), but when you make an r as just a curved thing and then stick a tail at the top, that is just ridiculous.  So, she’s almost gotten down the r, n, and a in Lorna and making them in one fluid motion instead of two.  🙂  This week, we’ll be adding middle names and such.

Book List

I have lists and lists of books I like to make sure the kids are exposed to.  I don’t always succeed, but I’m determined to make up for it for several with Lorna.  I read them to her, they’re in the room, they over hear, voila!  Win/win.  This week’s books will be..

Arts & Crafts

I didn’t used to have to add this to my plans for the week, but I’ve discovered that if I don’t, I tend to discourage it because, let’s face it, I’m lazy.  So, I’m adding it to make me do it.  There’s something about a list that makes me feel like I’ve gotta do it.

  • Show her how to color a picture, cut it up, and glue it back down to a piece of construction paper, tracing the cut lines with a black marker for “stained glass.”
  • Play-dough
  • Leaf art
  • Pipe Cleaner “sculptures.”
  • Make the Grandmas cards.


Yes, I do like to include movies in our educational plan.  Otherwise, I find that we’ve seen some of our favorites so much that the younger ones didn’t get exposed.  So, this week it’ll be Anchor’s Aweigh. Love that movie.


EEEK!  I forgot games.  This is one thing I realized too late that I missed with some of the kids.  I tended to forget to play games with them.  So, this week we’re going to do something super basic.  Slap Jack.  We’ll move onto more highbrow games like Crazy Eights and Old Maid later.

There you have it… as you can see, we keep things simple for the little guys.  They learn so much by osmosis around the older kids, that it works for us.


2 thoughts on “Monday’s School Room…

  1. Chautona– Every time I see how you do school I think, “That’s how I do things!” or “That’s a good idea!” And every time you tell what books you use with your kids I think, “Oh, we love that one too!” or “Ooooo… we should read that!” Your list of “must read” books for Lorna gave reminded me of some favorites and gave me some new ideas for my 5.5 year old, Garrett. Thanks Chautona! I owe you! Perhaps I should buy a book… oh wait, I already did! 😉

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