Eighty-two Seconds…

That’s all it takes to be nice.

Eighty-two seconds.

That’s all it takes to let someone know they did a good job.

Eighty-two seconds.

It took longer than that to decide to do it.

Eighty-two seconds.

Why did I even deliberate?

I went grocery shopping today.   Anyone who knows me knows how much I despise shopping– particularly for groceries.  I went through the aisles, as fast as I could, pulled everything I thought we might want or need off the shelves, and filled the cart.  I forced myself to stick to one cart (because I didn’t want to load/unload that much don’tcha know.)

I piled it all on the conveyor belt as I always do.  Frozen first.  Veggies/fruits next.  Boxes, bottles, and cans next.  Dairy/cold cuts/refrigerated next.  Bread last.  I used to bag my own because I got tired of smelling something horrible and going to the pantry only to find a bag of canned goods with a roast on the bottom.  (Back when I let the kids throw them in there in the bags for me to sort how I wanted it later.  With the new kitchen, that’s less likely to happen, but still).  So, I bagged my own, cold stayed with cold, heavy together, bread and chips on top.  It was nice.  VERY nice.

Then I got sick.  I don’t have the stamina to shop, bag, and load to car etc.  So, I put up with inferior bagging (all stores here are the same– yes, I’ve tested) and just been hyper vigilant to ensure things are put away right.  I hate it, but it works.

Today I was yakking with Lana (the checker) and didn’t even notice the bagger.  Frankly, I try not to look.  It’s discouraging to see your bell pepper tossed in with six cans of tomatoes.  I pushed my two carts (yep, one cart ends up as two as usual) outside, and started unloading into my car.  By the third bag, I was impressed.  This girl knows how to bag.  She’s good.  She did it right.  I knew I should go in and say something.  I spent the whole time loading into my car thinking about how it wouldn’t take that long, and no matter how tired I am, I should do what’s right.  People usually hear how badly they’ve done, but most of us don’t take the time to say “well done.”  I probably spent five minutes loading the car deliberating.  Yeah.  I’m brilliant.

So, I grab my purse and push the carts to the corral.  Then I had an idea.  I started counting.  I walked from the corral (counted from there since I had to walk that far anyway), then to the checkout line.  I said two very short sentences.  “Lana, that girl needs a raise.  She knows how to bag.”  Lana thanked me, promised she’d tell the manager, and I walked out and back to my car.  I sat down.  Eighty two seconds.

Eighty two seconds.

Not even a minute and a half.

I hope next time I don’t bother deliberating and I just do it.  Sheesh.


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