Hyphenated Words

I’ve got issues with them.  Seriously.  Ask my editor.  She’ll tell you.  Serious issues with hyphenated words.  The good news is that I don’t hyphenate words that should not be hyphenated.  No, I just leave off those little buggars everywhere I can.  I’d like to call it laziness, but the fact is, I agonize over those things, and then when in doubt, I follow my mother’s advice.  I don’t.  Mom always said, “When in doubt, don’t.”  So, I don’t.  Did I make that perfectly clear?  I don’t.

After much inner searching, introspection being a hobby that I am particularly adroit at, I have come to the conclusion that my rejection of feminism is at the root of my hyphenphobia.  Yes, I did not hyphenate that word.  I’m into consistency.  Ask anyone, I’ve got issues with consistency.  So, in the wake of modernity where women reject the “antiquated” idea of assuming their husband’s name, I seem to have rejected the notion of the existence of hyphens.  Yes, it is a philosophical objection to an “ism” that destroys my grammatical structure.

Thought you oughtta know.


3 thoughts on “Hyphenated Words

  1. Are you talking about the situation where you have an adverb before the adjective and it modifies a noun as if it were one adjective? Like:
    “The brightly-shining star simply winked out, never to be seen again.”
    “Unfortunately, the the well-developed man had camouflaged his muscled between elaborately-carved tattoos.”

    Or do you mean when they are broken up because they are too long for the line of text? Like:
    “My pet pony ate all of the alfalfa and broke through the cor-
    ral fence to eat the neigh-
    bors dahlias.”


    Just curious.

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