Internet Communication~

We’ve all heard the complaint.  “You can’t tell tone over the internet.”  It’s true, you can’t.  However, I had a thought today that made me wonder…

We read books– wonderful books with stories full of passion, anger, excitement, sarcasm, hurt, joy, love, and every other emotion on the planet.  Just by use of words and punctuation, we know what the author intended to convey.   Let’s face it, everyone isn’t a natural writer, but is it possible that the reason the internet is so ineffective at conveying intended emotion is because people are so careless with words and punctuation?  Let’s face it, when simple three letter words like you become U or a two (one two!!!) letter word like be becomes B, commas are a thing of the past, and exclamation points are used in quadruplicate after every!!!!  other word!!!!, how do we expect people to adequately understand what we’re trying to say?  We don’t have to be Shakespeare to take an extra second to think about how our words will come off to others.

So, I don’t think all our internet communication woes can be eradicated by the liberal application of proper grammar, but I bet a great majority of them could either be avoided or lessened!

On the flip side, I think one thing in “internet speak” really does help if people take the time to do it.  Conversations liberally sprinkled with little tidbits like *tongue in cheek* or *begs forgiveness* do much to convey intent.  So, I could write this as,

I think *not judging here* that people should take the time to consider their words and use basic punctuation appropriately *insert sarcasm here* since that’s why they are called grammar RULES after all…

See what I mean?  Anyway, musing over.  Just got to thinking and had to post.


4 thoughts on “Internet Communication~

  1. Books speak in complete sentences, paragraphs, pages and chapters. Internet communication is usually reduced to as few letters — as few characters — as possible.

  2. I also think sometimes we read internet posts from our perspective and put the tone of voice we would use (or think the other person is using) when we read those posts. While when reading a book we typically have a good idea of what both sides are thinking (based on context).

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