The Living Room~

Remember this post? Yeah, I’ve tried to forget it too.  The problem is, something won’t let me.  Every time I think I’ve sufficiently ignored it, something brings it to the forefront.  So, I’ve decided to start small.  The living room.  While it’s a big room, it isn’t big in the sense that it has a lot of work that needs to be done to be the space that I want to live in.  It’s almost there!

The problem with starting in there, is that it’s going to be one of the more expensive rooms.  You see, my husband’s recliner is truly hideous.  It’s falling apart.  The thing is so nasty that it’s embarrassing.  I have to buy a new one.  Period.  The couch too is quite revolting and is becoming almost dangerous with the loss of padding under the cover.  So, it’s time to invest in new furniture.  I’ve been making plans for it, and think I’ve settled on exactly what we need.  So, before bringing in new furniture, I think it’s time to do a little pruning in here.  Let’s make this room shine like the top of the Chrysler building.  Let’s make the closet a well-organized place, and the scratches on trim and walls… I think I need to take the time to fix those.

What does all of this have to do with living within my harvest?  I’ll tell you.  It’s going to take some decluttering.  It’s going to take some hard choices.  I’m going to have to make this room more live-ABLE.  If we are to live in here, then we need to make it exactly what we need for comfortable living.  So, I start tomorrow.

Step one-   The plan.  I’m determined to make and stick to a plan.  My plan is this.

Closet-  Empty it, sweep and dust well, scrub anything that needs scrubbing.

Move the closet rod forward.

Put shelves inside at the back to hold things like rubber bands, paper bags, Kevin’s backpack, and shoes.  The shoes are going in there again.  It’s time.

Everything else that was in there will either be tossed, stored in the garage until I get to the proper room it will be stored in later, or put away (if I can do it, I will.)

South Wall-  Rearrange pictures.  (The current grouping annoys me.)

Move Mandolin  (It also annoys me)

Clean out coloring drawers under the table.  (They are overstuffed with coloring books and broken crayons/pencils/etc.  Probably buy new ones)

Oil the table

Fresh paint on a good portion of that wall.  (Might need to buy a new gallon)

East Wall-  Scrub the heater vent.  Repaint if necessary.  Consider building a box to cover in the off season.

Dust the bookshelves.  Decide if keeping the Nina Rhoades books is a good idea or not.

Replace Kevin’s chair.  Clear out the magazines on his table and scrub it.

Put Bookcase from by my chair on the wall and move Emma and Stephen’s picture.

Go through contents of bookcase and declutter/organize.

Touch up the paneling where necessary.

Buy canvas for over doorway.

North Wall-  Touch up any paint dings.

Dust the wall

Put updated pictures in frames.

Replace ribbons or find new way to hang pictures.

Put picture of Kaylene in her frame.

Toss artificial mums and replace with another houseplant.

Buy sectional for that wall.

Clean over window shelf.

West Wall-  Move bookcase to East Wall.

Get rid of my recliner.

Find new home for paper shredder.

Make decision about the bookcase under the TV.  Replace if a better idea occurs.

Organize/declutter/rehouse anything currently on that shelf.

Clean over window shelf.

Try to organize cords better.

Touch up paint.

Make new window curtain for the door.

Windows-  Prime scratched sills and repaint.

Make new Roman Shades.

Install cleats.

Trim-  Scrub.

Touch up paint.

Floor-  Scrub

Scrub again with Murphy’s Oil Soap

Oil with Lemon Oil on a hot dry night (our floors are unfinished, so this will not make them dangerously slick… it’ll be absorbed by morning).

Beat the area rug, vacuum, then steam clean on the driveway.

Ceiling-  Paint?

Clean ceiling fan, replace globes if possible (not a fan of those globes).

It’s a lot of work, but it’s all necessary in my opinion.  So, tomorrow I start in that closet.  Even if all I do is take out the winter coats, it’s step one to a more livable useable closet.

On a lighter note,  how would you make this couch work in a cracker box house with a cottage flair inside?  I don’t do cluttered cottage.  I do more of a less is more cottage feel.

I need help.


2 thoughts on “The Living Room~

  1. That some long list…LOL! But I guess you have to start somewhere. I love the couch. However, fabric (suede) would never last in my house. I’d opt for all leather which is far more durable. Oh and a matching leather recliner of course!

    Good luck!

    With friendship,

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