Book Review: 360° Life ** Win a FREE copy **

Title: 360° Life

Author: Billy Joe Daugherty

Publisher’s Synopsis: What if you only had a few days to live?
Would you love?
Would you laugh?
Would you give?
Would you live differently than you do right now?
–Billy Joe Daugherty

If possible, would you do a makeover on parts of your life? Most of us would gladly say “Yes!” to a fresh start, and that’s exactly what God offers.

So many people live empty and frustrating lives, which is tragic because God desires a full, productive, and satisfying life for His children. 360° Life explores how ordinary people, regardless of their challenges, can experience life-altering change through simple faith.  Billy Joe Daugherty weaves material from the Bible, his own experiences, and riveting interviews with contemporary Christians to reveal how not just to survive struggles, but to rise above them.

That’s the fulfilling result of a 360-degree life.

First, I’d like to apologize.  I found a bunch of unsubmitted reviews in my drafts folder.  This was supposed to go up a couple of weeks or more ago.  I can’t tell when they were supposed to go up, because that’s on the old laptop and Kevin hasn’t moved them over to this one yet.  I’m frustrated over it all.  Here I thought I’d been on the ball, but I wasn’t.  Sigh.

Ok, this book.  First, I was sorry to hear that Mr. Daughterty passed away before this book was published.  I have to confess, I wasn’t sure what I’d think of it.  In several places, I was very pleasantly surprised.  There was a heartbreaking sort of irony to see the book open with the question, “What if you only had a few days to live?”  I admit, I know nothing about the author aside from this book, but that brought a lump to my throat.  It was compounded by the personal commendations by his friends that seem to indicate that he lived what he taught.

The book addresses ten ways to live “more richly, deeply, fully.”  Each chapter begins with questions that are designed to make you think.  I loved those questions.  I loved how they made me think.  Each chapter was filled with anecdotes from the lives of people changed in powerful ways and are used to illustrate the point.  I found many of the stories inspiring.

Technically, the book isn’t anything earth shattering.  We all know that we need to put our trust in the Lord and to “fear” Him only.  We need to be thankful and not let our circumstances keep us down.  We are more than conquerors.  However, what this book does do, is remind us, with the stories of those who have walked this pathway before us, just how to do it.

My guess is that those with a charismatic bent will appreciate this book the most.  Due to theological differences in places, it isn’t one I’d buy to give to friends, but I’d give it to my more charismatic friends in a heartbeat.  I know a few who would be truly blessed by it.

I have two copies, generously provided by Water Brook, to give away, so leave a comment and tell me what number one thing you do (or try to do) to live “more richly, deeply, fully.”  I’m going to have a boatload of books to give away this week, so snag your chance now.  You might have a whole box coming!

8 thoughts on “Book Review: 360° Life ** Win a FREE copy **

  1. To live “more richly, deeply, fully”—-to daily be in tune with the Savior to cultivate a personal deep relationship with Him.

  2. My experiences as a mother is that my children’s lives are not guaranteed. Two of my four children are in Heaven, one dying in infancy and one dying in utero, both because of serious birth defects. Sometimes I forget that my life will end one day and I’ll be standing to account for my life. Have I lived it fully for our Lord?

  3. Serving the poor is important to me. Scripture has so much to say about it. And it helps me to keep a right perspective on the blessings God has given me.

  4. Purposing to enjoy my time at home with my kids. They are growing up so quickly and I don’t want all of the work to steal my joy.

  5. I try to be one that will ‘practice what I preach’, though lately it feels like I’ve failed miserably =(

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