Back in October, I got on Amazon and started the process to becoming Kindled.  Now, Kindling isn’t the kind of thing you’d think.  While some books might light a fire under you, I’m talking about the Amazon electronic book thingie, “The Kindle.”  Let’s just say, it was a nightmare.  I filled out every question, answered every one, and waited.  I got an email.  “Please prove that you are who you say you are.”  Oh gee.  How thoughtful of you to ask.  Well, I can spell the name correctly.  Shouldn’t that be enough?  You’d think, right?

Well, then I found a new POD publisher.  I like Createspace.  It’s my friend.  I have a much FASTER trek to Amazon and I don’t have to pay to get on Barnes & Noble with them.  The Amazon thing makes sense.  After all, they own Createspace.  What I didn’t get was why they made it fast and easy to get on their competition.  Whatever.  I’m thrilled.

Well, last night, I was doodling around Amazon and decided that since I’d moved all my books to Createspace, maybe it’d be a faster process to do the Kindling now.  So, I tried it.  They tell you it takes 24-36 hours.  HA.  Twelve hours later, I’m officially Kindled!  YIPPEE!

Check it out!  We’re talking the latest thing in books!  I’m on the cutting edge of technology with my un-techy stories!  So, here they are!

Ready or Not

Noble Pursuits

Argosy Junction

Ain’t it just COOL!


2 thoughts on “Techno-Author~

  1. I definitely prefer hard bound books, but for those that are paper challenged…I’m glad you got it to work! 🙂

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