Tree-Man-Dous Hole~

Kevin decided that he needed to take time to be holely.  So, he holed up in this here pit and played Joseph while muckin’ through the caliche.

For those of you not attuned to the fine art of living with the lovely stuff, caliche is calcium carbonate that combines with other minerals and stuff, usually in clay soil I think, and makes an almost all natural cement.

For example, last night, this hole was only *cough* about 3 feet deep.  He filled it with water.  This morning, he went out there and there was still water in it.  Just sayin’.  That caliche will NOT let the water drain.  Can you imagine what happens to that poor tree’s roots if the water ever sinks in at all?  It just sits there, trapped by that nasty caliche.

However, if you take the same thirteen, multiply by two, twenty-six hours… wait, wrong timing.  This isn’t a Roger Miller song!  Anyway, if you take that caliche, hack it out with a pick axe (or hammer.. yeah… done that), voila.

He looks kind of beat, doesn’t he?  Well, he was.  The guy was worn out.  Can you blame him?  He went down at least another foot after that.

Then, he loaded it with water and guess what!  DRAIN CITY!  Oh yeah!!!

See that shirt?  Awesome Dad?  In the sense of cool vernacular… of speaking of great things on earth, it fits.  He’s not God, but he’s a nice guy to have around nonetheless.  Or, as he likes to remind us… frequently… he’s brilliant and handsome too!

Is he hot?


Is the camera wonky?

Doesn’t Lorna look like a leftover from the ’70’s?

Yep…I think she does.

As for Ethan, I like the tree on his shirt.  It seems to say, “Hm yep, the tree is gonna look good right about here…

Now, can someone tell me where to find pants that do not get SLITS (not holes, SLITS) across the knee?  Ethan needs some.  Just sayin’.

Now, if I’d been smart, I would have told you that my kids were being “Phineas and Ferb” and tunneling to China!

I am not smart.

Just sayin’.

What is Ethan doing anyway?  That just looks odd to me.

Here’s tree one.  We put in Chinaberry trees.  Also known as Persian Lilac and Texas Umbrella trees.  Just for those who live in places that call them things other than Chinaberry.

I chose it because it’s

1.  Pretty

2.  Fast Growing

3.  Dense shade

4.  Pretty

5.  Pretty.

See our house sans siding?  The stucco is almost all patched and ready for paint.  We’ll be painting most of it white, but we’ll be adding trim around doors and windows and across that wooden section.  That’ll all be black.  Just skinny bits of black to give it POP next to the red geraniums that I wanna put up.   I can’ t have much black.  This is the desert y’know.

Here’s the other one.  For you internet stalker freaks, those are our bedroom windows.  Don’t you think that wood needs scraping?  I do.

Just sayin’.

I was thinking about naming the trees.  The problem is, I wanted to name them Myrtle and Hazel and the trees got offended.  I mean, come on, name trees the names of other trees?  So, I’m calling them Ming and Ling.  Which is which?

Take your pick.  They’re young yet.  They won’t know if their names get switched around.

Oh, that black stuff that looks like wonderfully rich dirt and way out of place in desert soil?  Nope.  Mulch.  Just sayin’.


2 thoughts on “Tree-Man-Dous Hole~

  1. Ethan is looking at you through his binoculars. I have a pair like those. I also have goggles (just thumb & index fingers around my eyes), a telescope (look with one eye through both hands), & a sunvisor (palm over my eyes). J&R tell me none of them work but the sunvisor.

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