Inspirationally Speaking…

Rewards.  Have you ever tried to use them for yourself?  “I’ll just finish folding this laundry, and then I can relax and read a book…”  Sound familiar?  If I buy something to decorate with, I often tell myself I can put it up as soon as I get the room spotless, decluttered, and perfect.  It usually works.

But once in a while… and I’ve never been able to pinpoint what makes it happen, it fails.  I stare at my pretty new thing and I cringe.  I don’t want to scrub the walls, declutter the closet, scrub and oil the floors and furniture, and vacuum the couch and chairs.  I just want my________ (fill in the blank) so I can enjoy it.

I used to resist.  Yes, I did.  I resisted.  I punished myself for having anything TO declutter or clean and wouldn’t let myself have fun with whatever I was doing.  Yeah.  I’m mature.  Well, it happens once in a while.  I get realistic.  Yesterday was one of those days.  I bought this vinyl cling tree with tiny little individual leaves (Just in case you ere curious… it took FOREVER to get up and my muscles are still exhausted).  I’ve had it for a week.  I didn’t touch it because I wanted to be a “good girl” and clean up the room and finish some of the things I’ve been putting off for a while.  You know, things like cleaning off the table, scrubbing and oiling the floor, scrubbing the dirty walls, and oiling the kitchen counters.  The problem is, it failed.  Big. Fat. Failure.  Just sayin’.

So, yesterday, with the help of my super strong and thoughtful daughter, Braelyn worked hard to put it up.  I wasn’t going to have something so encouragingly pretty (and in my direct line of sight) sitting in a brown tube forever.  Besides, I need the tube to ship the poster I have for the blog contest.  Just sayin’.

Well, something I always forget is how inspired I am to work AFTER I do something pretty.  It’s like I can’t stand to have my new decor surrounded by dirt and clutter.  It works.

Thought you oughtta know.

Oh, and the tree?  A lovely Decor Element from Stampin’ Up!


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