Well, I Decided…

Remember back when I drew for “Coinage” the February version?  Well, I didn’t know what I’d make.

I made cards.  I loved the stripe, so I went with the purple accent.  I wish I’d have done brown.  I’m not in love with these cards, but hey, they’re free, right?

Sorry Lori, what you see is what you get… if you hate them, stick ’em in a basket with some fruit and foist them on an unsuspecting church member on Mother’s day.  *cough*

For the record, the purples really do match better than it shows.  Not sure why that happened.  I didn’t like the way the paper didn’t lie as nice and flat as cardstock, but hey, I liked the stripes.  We said that already, right?

Here they are all tied up and ready to mail.  Off to find your address!

Note to self:  Figure out March’s totals prize BEFORE the end of March.

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