Book Review~ Ned: Barnardo Boy ** Win Free Copy**

Title: Ned

Subtitle: Barnardo Boy

Author: Barbara Coyle

Publisher’s Synopsis: Ned is nobody’s child. Abandoned as a toddler on the streets of 1870’s London, he must fend for himself and survive by his wits. Discover how Ned finds help at a Ragged School, becomes a “Barnardo boy,” and eventually emigrates to Canada to begin a new life.

Ned: Barnardo Boy is a historically accurate children’s book that is delighting children and adults alike. Meticulously researched and full of spiritual truth, Ned is a book your family will treasure.

To be honest, I knew I’d like this book when I bought it.  I like the author, I love children’s books, and who doesn’t love a good orphan story– assuming it has a happy ending!  So, I bought it, stuffed it on my shelf, and then the next time I felt sick, I grabbed it for “comfort food”.   Let’s just say I wasn’t disappointed.

Historically speaking, it’s spot on.  You learn a lot about the era, the fact of the Ragged Schools, and get a feel for the time.  However, that isn’t the brilliancy that I love about this book.  Ned grips your heart and won’t let you go.  Barbara’s masterful characterization has created a child you can’t help but fall in love with.  Good vs. evil, the work of the Lord in a young boy’s life, and the obedience of God’s people to His commandments combine into one amazing story that will leave you eager for more.  And Barbara gives you more in her book A Fine Young Lady While A Fine Young Lady isn’t a children’s novel, it does give you a glimpse of similar themes and more of one of the same characters in a beautiful story for adults.

To learn more about Barbara’s Historical Fiction Unit Studies, visit her website and get a fresh look into spring.  After the February Blues, having something like this to look forward to is exactly what your home school might need.  For those who don’t homeschool, this book is still a fascinating story that any child will enjoy.

So, to win a copy of this wonderful heartwarming story, simply leave a comment and tell me if you’d ever heard of the Barnardo Boys or the Ragged Schools before hearing of this book.  I can’t wait to give away a copy!


18 thoughts on “Book Review~ Ned: Barnardo Boy ** Win Free Copy**

  1. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of Barnardo Boys or the Ragged Schools, but this book looks VERY interesting, and like something that I’d love to read both for/to myself as well as my children.

  2. My kids and I love this book and we don’t own it yet…I never heard of the Ragged schools or Barnardo Boys before this book. Wonderful Book–yay Barbara!

  3. I already own the book so please don’t enter me in the contest. I just had to agree with your review. My children and I thoroughly enjoyed this book and hated to see it end. This is a must have on the bookshelf!

  4. We never got to finish reading a proof copy of this (I think my hubby fell off the house about then) and the computer it was on subsequently died. We would LOVE a copy!

  5. I’m a Trustee of the Ragged School Museum in East London, based in a canalside Victorian warehouse once used as a ragged school by Dr Barnardo. This book sounds fantastic – I wonder if it features our building?

  6. Hi Anna,

    This is the author here. 🙂 The ragged school in the story is a fictional one that I located in Bethnal Green (Derbyshire Street). I did, however, send a friend to visit the Ragged School Museum to get information for me. She brought her children, and said it was very educational! I used much of the information she gave me; hopefully I did a good job of making it authentic.
    Thanks for your part in keeping this history alive!

  7. I have never heard of the Ragged Schools or Barnardo boys before. It’s too late to look it up now, I’m heading to bed…I will however leave this open to remind me to look them up in the morning. Sounds fascinating and we’d love a copy of the book!

  8. I haven’t ever heard of the Ragged Schools or the Barnardo Boys, but I have heard of this author 😉 and would love to get my hands on a copy of her book!

  9. I’ve never heard of these boys before, but it sounds like a fascinating book. And I like the spiritual perspective.

  10. My maternal grandfather was a Barnardo boy! He came into Canada after his voyage across the Atlantic as a very young child. His mother was a :”char woman” (possibly a prostitute as well) and could not raise him alone. So after being cared for by a very elderly grandmother, he was found wandering the streets and was placed in the orphanage. Eventually, he came into the United States at age 19, met my grandmother and married. They raised 8 children on hardly any money. My mother was one of the eight. At 98, she is still living in her own home in MA and has outlived all of her siblings. Please send us a free copy of this book so that I can give it to my mother for her birthday!! If anyone is deserving of this free gift, it is “me mum”. Thank you!

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