Craft Challenge Week Three Results

Week 3–  Start Small or Go for Broke

Well, I really had to think hard about this.  You see, on the one hand, definitely, I need to go for broke.  But, when you read what she says to do, it becomes daunting.  You see, I don’t have a whole room that I can box up, move out, and then slowly move back in.  I have a very small house.  Furthermore, half my craft space is dedicated to sewing paraphernalia.But as I thought about things, I realized that most of what I have IS boxed already!  Yippie!  I won’t move it out per se, and I won’t be painting or anything, but I can do quite a bit.  I’m actually planning on doing some book renovations and such. If I’m going to do my space, I’m going to make sure the rest of my room fits it.  My bedroom is my scrap/craft room.  So, I’m going to go for it.  All the way.  here we go!

Yep… if you missed that… I’m “going for broke.  Just sayin’.

The big “go for broke” assignment is to VACUUM.  Well, I dusted and dustbusted.  I’m still dusting and dustbusting.  Let’s just say that I think these bunnies have FANGS.  I do pretty good at keeping anything I can reach dusted.  However, if it’s near the floor or my hands can’t reach it, I forget to dust.  Then the bunnies multiply (as God created bunnies to do) and man… they are mutants!  So, while the bulk of the area was relatively dust-free, this um… well… wasn’t.

Week 3–  Bonus for Overhaulers

Bonus for overhauling…  Ok… I was a little afraid to read, but I did it.

So, here’s my “scrapbook” of ideas

Compliments of HGTV

Compliments of HGTV

  • Compliments of Flicker
  • Compliments of

    Compliments of

    Image Compliments of BHG

    I particularly love this because I have some great storage drawers that I realize would fit in my bedroom closet on the floor!  YES!!

    Image Compliments of BHG

    Image compliments of BHG

    Compliments of BGH

    I want to figure out how they hung these cans…

    Image Compliments of BGH

    Oh, well now, look at this!  It says “Paper-covered soup cans hold markers, pencils, and brushes. Punch a hole in the back of the can to hang.”

    Image compliments of BGH

    For my handled boxes…

    Image compliments of BGH

    Image compliments of BGH

    Do this to my white boxes?

    Image compliments of

    I’m thinking this might be a good idea

    Image compliments of BGH

    Image Compliments of BGH

    Ok, I like this idea for clear stamps.

    Image compliments of BGH

    I really think this’ll be my paper solution.  I think.

    Image compliments of BGH

    She asked a few questions to get you thinking… I thought I’d answer them.. cause I can.

    Where will your main scrap area be? Well, everything I do will likely be done in my bedroom at the craft table.  Semi sitting/standing unless I’m sewing.

    What tools need to be close by, which ones can be stored further away? I think paper can be portable, but I need to be able to easily get to the stuff that goes on paper.  Otherwise, I won’t do it.  Photos also can be stored away as long as they aren’t “out of sight/out of mind.”  I definitely need to be able to walk in, grab my paper, sit down, and have most of the rest of the stuff within easy reach.

    How about workstations – one for stamping, one for die cuts, etc? Not possible.  I don’t have the space.  However, if I planned my work out when I’m going to do big projects, I could do work DAYS where I did all the die cuts one day, all the stamping another, all the assembling another… etc.

    I also want to consider what using the drawers under my bed or a new bed like THIS would do for the room.  We’ll see.

    Ok, so she’s hinting that we should have color choices for paint now.  Well, my room has a color choice for paint.  I was also thinking it HAS been painted, but I just remembered that the whole thing hasn’t.  So, I may take this week and try to finish painting the parts of the room that are unpainted.  Just for kicks and giggles.  However, if I have to choose between painting and finishing the organizing and PURGING I’m doing… purge gets it.  I’m in a de-clutter mood and I’m going to embrace it while I’ve got it.  But, for the record, my walls will be cream, my trim BRIGHT WHITE, my Roman shades are blue and white striped with silver dots (which I’ve never really paid attention to until now, but I might get some gray with a sheen for accents somewhere to grab it.  For the fun don’tcha know.  My splash of color is going to be RED.  I’ve decided that I like red with light blue as long as the blue is the predominant color.  I have pretty vinyl wall clings I bought to brighten up my space, and I’m going to put them up too.  🙂

    My space was already mapped out for me, so I didn’t have to do that part.  It’s pretty simple.  I get one corner of the room unless we build that bed, and school gets the opposing wall, and our bed gets the last wall.  Voila.  Snort.

    I am considering putting a lingerie drawer that I have in my garage on one wall.  If I CAN’T, then I’ll put it at the back of my closet where I plan to REMOVE the crates that are holding seldom to never used stuff and PURGE.  YES!  She said to “go on a house hunt” to find little used space.  Well, I’m going to do that in a bit of a different way.  I’m looking around my house for stuff I can

    • get rid of
    • reassign a home for it in the house
    • store in the garage
    • replace with something smaller/more efficient

    Already, I’ve decided that I am not storing my sheets under my bed anymore.  I have drawers under my bed for the sheets, but that’s just ridiculous.  So, I’m keeping spare sheets in a tote in the girls’ closet and voila.  Out of my hair.  I’m lovin’ it.  We’ll see what else I can find.  I’m thinking this is gonna be great.


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