Book Review: Raising Godly Tomatoes ** Win Free Copy**

Title: Raising Godly Tomatoes

Subtitle: Loving Parenting With Only Occasional Trips To the Woodshed

Author: L. Elizabeth Krueger

Publisher’s Synopsis: Weary of struggling with your toddler? Frustrated with the failing advice of secular psychologists and permissive parenting gurus? Leery of the strict focus on rules and the hyper-regimentation advocated elsewhere?

If you are simply looking for a straightforward Biblical approach to parenting that focuses on the heart of your child, as well as his outward actions, then Raising Godly Tomatoes is for you. In these pages you’ll find a wealth of common sense and godly wisdom, a guide to applying reasonable discipline, and instructions on how to build a close relationship with your child.

Raising Godly Tomatoes encourages parents to keep their young children — their little ‘tomatoes’ — lovingly staked to them, in order to train and apprentice them in a godly way of life that will prepare them for Christ’s calling in the future, and render them a pleasure to live with today. Elizabeth is a Christian homeschooling mother of ten children, ages 7 to 27. She lives with her children and her husband of 30 years, in the state of Michigan. She enjoys quilting, riding horses and playing her violin. She also spends much of her spare time encouraging parents daily via her website at
This is one of the most common sense approaches to parenting that I’ve seen in a long time. It has zippo to do with over-spiritualizing our gardening practices and everything to do with proper training of mind, body and spirit of our children.

I found Mrs. Krueger’s book both sensible and balanced. The simple premise is, “Keep children in sight and/or ear shot until you can fully trust them out of sight and/or earshot.”  While not exactly a complicated concept, it is quite revolutionary in today’s parenting climate.

When you think about it, the concept is simple common sense.  If children are to learn how to behave and what is and isn’t acceptable behavior, we must be near them in order to demonstrate proper behavior and nip improper behavior in the bud.

I was surprised by several of the reviews I read on regarding this book. To read what some had to say, you’d think we read entirely different books. Mrs. Krueger encouraged parents to be reasonable, consistent, and most of all, loving! There is no pressure to isolate ourselves from everyone around us and where anyone got that idea, I cannot fathom! There is no encouragement to physical harshness of any kind.  While Mrs. Krueger does not discourage corporal punishment, she certainly does NOT encourage the use of it on whim or for simple childishness.  What is advocated in this book is, as the title says, “occasional” and obviously (if you actually read how she encourages constant loving interaction) nothing extreme or excessively harsh.  While I think the change would be initially difficult for both parent and child, embracing the simple principles of togetherness with your children and the consistent discipleship of their character will certainly foster close and loving relationships. I recommend that readers find Mrs. Krueger’s website by the same name and read excerpts from the book and make an intelligent decision based upon rational assessment rather than overly dramatic misinformation.

I decided to give a copy away to a commenter because I believe that this book could really encourage mothers.  So, to enter, simply post a comment and tell us the best parenting advice you’ve ever received.

9 thoughts on “Book Review: Raising Godly Tomatoes ** Win Free Copy**

  1. The best parenting advice I ever got was from this book! I don’t have the book but have read her info online and would love to have it in book form! JB is 11 and there are days when I still tomato stake! It is usually staking him to his dad though! Here, its your turn, Honey!

  2. One piece of advice that has stuck with me, that I love, is to never ever talk bad about your kids in front of others. That means when the kids are right there or even if they’re away. Sadly, I did that for a while. But when someone told me to put that in perspective, and how would I feel… It really hit home. So now I purpose to not say negative things about the kiddos ever. 🙂

  3. Best parenting advice: Have a consistent rest time/alone time for at least an hour for the ENTIRE family…youngests to naps, oldest to read or work on something that is quiet. No one is to talk ‘cuz Mommy is having a quiet time too. This has been the key to my saneness with five children eight years old and younger. (And another on the way.) :>)

  4. This sounds like a wonderful book!! Best parenting advice I’ve received: appreciate all the moments, good and bad, because before you know it they’ll be off to college. That kinda puts things in perspective!

  5. The best parenting advice I received was to never argue in front of your children, speak to them with a gentle manner yet letting them know that you are to be respected. I believe teaching them good behavior is very important. I also believe in raising kids without materialist or narcissist values, which sadly is very prevalent in our society today.

  6. Hi! I realize it may be pretty late in the day, but I just found this blog, and I really, really want to win this book! So — the best parenting advice I’ve received is “Train them in the way they should go, and they will not depart from it.”

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