God In the Little Things…

Have you ever found the perfect something and then discovered that perfect or not, you can’t have it?  We did that this week while looking for fabric for dresses for the girls to wear to a wedding next month (pick yourself up off the floor,  I know it’s not tomorrow and I already have fabric… sometimes I work ahead… sometimes).  I found this at Fabric.com, and instantly, we all loved it.  However, when I went to put it in my cart, there were only 3 yards.  Enough for one dress, but then what about the other girls?  I wasn’t sure.  So, I kept looking.

Today, I woke up and knew I had to go down to the Quilted Quail and find something.  Now normally, I love going into that store and perusing the beautiful fabrics that they have available.  Let’s face it, nothing gets your creative juices flowing like a store FULL of raw materials.  Pun intended.

I wandered around the room, its nooks, the crannies, and paused before several prints, but none of them said, “This’ll be GREAT!”   Then, as I was explaining to the owner Cindy what I was making, I saw it.   THE FABRIC.  Sitting on a shelf, and with enough for two of the dresses.  With it,  coordinating fabrics that would work to make up the loss (and now don’t I wish I’d bought what fabric.com had while they had it.  Drat!)  I found a nice print that reads as a solid and voila.  We’ve got DRESSES!  I am so stinkin’ excited!

You know, I know  that God cares about the little things.  I mean, if He keeps tabs on the number of hairs I have on any given days, He cares about little girls and their clothing.  So, for what it’s worth, God blessed us with fabric today.  I’m so thankful that if I was a crier, I’d be weeping!  Thank you, Lord, for the little things.


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