Change for Change’s Sake~

Ok, with all the buzz about change that we’ve had since President Clinton and the ’90’s and now with President Obama, I decided to ensure REAL change occurs in the Havig House.  Enter…  THE JAR.

I bought this sucker for $5 bucks on clearance at K-Mart.  It was one of those pre-wrapped gifts for $20 dollars that you buy for gift swaps and hard to shop-for nephews or brothers-in-law. The reason it’s so cool is that it has a nice digital counter that counts your money as it goes in.  So, I can tell you, at the end of the year, just how much money is in the thing!

I liked this change because it signaled financial growth in some area of life during this recessed economy.  What can I say, I’m into the visual.

So, I decided to share the growth of this silly little jar.  I took pictures today of how full it is, and I’m thinking it’d be fun to see who comes closest.  To make it even more fun, I’ll mail a handmade card or bookmark, your choice, to the person who comes closest as LONG as they get within 75 cents.  To make it even MORE fun, I’m going to keep the contest going until there’s a winner!  But wait, there’s more!  Act now and you can enter once per day until I have a winner!  You say your family wants in on the fun, no problem!  Just have them post their guesses too!  This contest is for ANYONE and all for only … um… the time it takes to post a guess!  That’s right, for just seconds, you too can win a marvelous handcrafted paper item and there are no shipping and handling charges.  Better yet, NO TAX!  How can you resist.

I’ve taken a picture of the top of this jar and I’ll post it as soon as there is a winner.  Enter now, enter often, WIN… and come back next month for another prize and another chance.

For Reference:

Jar height:  6.5″

Jar width:  4.5″


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  1. I have not seen it since last time you told me, so this is pure guess. If I am disqualified, I havent told my hubby or kids. 😉


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