Perspectives on Life~

I’ve always loved Thoreau’s statement above.  Whereas much of his philosophy is very humanistic, this seems quite Biblical to me.  In it I see,

  • Recognize that your life is a gift from the Lord
  • Be a good steward of that life
  • Whatever you do, do ‘heartily’ as unto the Lord

As much as I’ve always loved that quote, I never really saw it as something tangible or attainable.  It was just a good reminder not to fritter away my life.

I started writing a book a couple of years ago– it’s almost a soap operatic in it’s length and you can read the entire thing online at   The main female character (Willow) in the story has lived this maxim her entire life.  Her mother worked to live every day to its fullest and taught Willow to do the same.  As I pondered ways for her to do this, I realized that there are several ways that people live their lives.

  1. They exist– allowing life to take them on rides across the waves of life going up and down with the undulations that naturally come with the waves.
  2. They plan enough to squeeze every minute out of life but not necessarily living.
  3. They take the life they have and live every moment of it deliberately enjoying each moment.
  4. The live life deliberately by creating the life they want.

I’m sure there are other ways, of course, but those are the ones I came up with while I pondered it all.  And, I’m guessing many of us are a mixture of two or more of these.

What’s the point of this rambling nonsense?  Well, I realized today that I’m seven months from my fortieth birthday.  Based upon the fact that my father’s family lives a very long time and my mother’s is shorter, I’m guessing that my life is about half over now.  It’s been a very good life.  Of course, I could die tomorrow, but if I don’t, I want to LIVE.  I need to remember to live the parts of my life that I can’t choose, by creating what I CAN choose within them.  The rest of my life, I need to pour out before the Lord, choose my steps carefully, and not let externals dictate who I will be.

When I come to the end of my life, I want to be able to say, “I didn’t bury the life you gave me in the dirt, Lord.  I lived it– to the fullest!  Thank you for the blessing of the life I had.”

So tell me, what ideas do you have for me?  What would change or create to make your life the life you want to live?


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