February Banner~

Ok, so this month, it was hard to decide what to do.  I loved the dark green paper in this kit, I loved the stamp frame (and almost used it… oh talk about COOL.

I’m not really happy with it, and if I do a better job later, I’ll redesign it to sow a better idea, but for now, here you have it.  The designer is Irene V. Alexeeva She’s part of the amazing team over at Scrap Orchard, and this kit is Heart Rock— Perfect for Valentine’s Day pictures.  Can’t you imagine pictures of your Valentine’s party, portraits of your kids, or couple pictures of you and your special one?  Maybe you want to make a great page to send to grandma and grandpa for their albums.

Stepping out of the box, you could easily do this for engagement photos, love the pet photos, or even costume layouts if the colors were right!  The elements are definitely “romance” themed, but paired with other pictures and depending on how you used them, it could easily be just a great layout for any pictures.

Personally, I love Scrap Orchard and their designers.   What will you find in this kit?

The kit includes:

-8 unique textured and patterned papers;
– a couple of bright red realistic feather wings;
-1 spray of scattered rose petals;
-1 cord fastener with two red buttons;
-1 lacy paper mat
-1 red Chinese cord fastener;
-1 stamp;
-12″ long beaded wire;
-2 antique keys;
-1 vintage keyhole;
-1 cord bow;
-1 curly red ribbon;
-1 heart shaped red satin ribbon frame;
-1 rustic ruby charm;
-1 paper butterfly;
-2 paper flowers with ruby gems;
-1 shabby red stapled paper heart;
-1 lacy golden heart;
-1 distressed newspaper frame;
-1 red bling frame;
-1 newspaper swirl;
-1 scrap of red messy net;
-1 heart dangle;
-1 shabby wooden frame;
-1old paper frame with tear-off tickets;
-1 distressed journaling mat;
-1shabby perforated paper frame;
-1 scalloped paper heart frame.

So what are you waiting for?  Zip on over and see what the people at Scrap Orchard have for you!


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