The Bed~

Ok, so a few years ago, someone gave us a captain’s bed.  It was nice in that it had storage and such.  I assumed it’d be a nice “guest bed” for when the girls had friends over for the night, but alas, Braelyn took a shine to it and has been sleeping on it ever since.  Sort of.  Back a few months ago, she was cleaning out from under, behind, around, and such and when she moved it, CRASH.  The entire thing collapsed on her.  I think it was staying together simply because of where and how she had it wedged.  Snort.

So we asked a friend to look for one at a garage sale (we’re cheap that way… when she’s got a perfectly good bunk she can use and all).  No such luck.  Daybeds galore, but no captain’s beds.  Meanwhile, she took a ton of rubbermaid totes, stacked and such, and voila.  A bed.  Snort again.

Then, someone on a message board I frequent posted a link to this site.  Knock-off Wood is an amazing website with FREE plans for all kinds of favorites from Pottery Barn, Land of Nod, Crate and Barrel, and others!  And, among those amazing plans for everything from beds, to bookshelves, to entertainment centers and tables… not to mention CHAIRS.  She has plans for Parson’s chairs!!!  … was this little beauty I call “Braelyn’s Bed”.  (She calls it what Pottery Barn does out of deference to the fact that they came up with it first don’tcha know.)

This is Pottery Barn’s picture

(image property of Pottery Barn)

Isn’t it pretty?  Ok, so here we go…


3- Sheets 3/4″ Plywood

6- 1 x 2″ (8 ft length) trim boards

3- 1×4″ (6 ft length) trim boards

Wood Glue

Wood Putty

1- box 1 5/8″ screws

1- box 2″ screws



I estimate we spent just over $100.00 for this bed.  It’s so sturdy I think we could ALL sleep on it and it wouldn’t collapse!  Here’s the progress.  Note Kevin measuring with his glasses UP!  Cracks me up every time.

First, I want you to notice our high-class saw horses.  What else do you use broken totes for?

We pay for expensive glasses so that he can not use them?

Some people use fancy guides and such.  In the interest of eco-friendliness (let me gag now) we’re using renewable guides that we will recycle into trim later.  Cool huh!

Just in case you couldn’t see the glasses issue…

Cause tools and such are cool…

One box complete… just makin’ boxes… nothing to stress about…………..

One box from another angle… Notice the packaging from Kevin’s new Christmas grill?  Lorna thought it made fine yard decor.  *cough*.  We’re going for the Cletus of Rednecky look around here.

My hyper-organized hubster *cough* marked every piece so he’d know what he was workin’ with.  Watch out Ikea… Mayhem Furniture is gonna take over!

Pretty neat, isn’t it?  (what else can I say about an oversized L?  Aaahhh what the L?)

Wipin’ the glue…. it’s what I do… be dooby do…

Puttin’ on the glue…

Kind of an odd shaped H… for now…


Lorna decided to make a styrofoam version.  We got “snow” and that’s about it.

And there they are all lined up and ready to be screwed together!

Kevin did the screwing indoors with clamps and suchlike.



Ain’t it prettified?

And voila!  This picture looks odd.  It’s like someone tried to mud it with drywall tape and it bulged.  The actual bed doesn’t look like that so I don’t know what the camera did!  Oh well, it’s a nice bed and that’s all I care about!

Now, before you scream about all the so-called mistakes you see, there are a few things I’d like to say.

1.  My husband HATES working with wood.  HATES IT.

2.  My  husband has terrible eyesight which makes measuring accurately quite difficult.

3.  My husband HATES cutting wood.  HATES IT.

4.  My husband LOVES his daughter and puts up with me and my crazy schemes.

5.  Did I mention that my husband HATES working with wood?

This bed looks AWESOME.  Seriously, You walk in the room and think, WOW.  He did a fantastic job on it and I’m proud as punch of him for doing it.  Is it perfect?  Nope.  But it’s perfect for us.  Was it easy?  Yes and no.  Yes in that the directions were simple, the pieces weren’t complicated, and such.  No because again, my husband and his eyes don’t work so well together so there are a few rough spots if you look very very closely.  Oh well.  We have a nice sturdy bed that looks AWESOME.

Now… if we can just convince Ana over at Knock-Off Wood to make the plans for this jobbie that goes with the bed… we’ll be sittin’ pretty!

(image property of Pottery Barn)


12 thoughts on “The Bed~

  1. Oh I love it! Echo and I weren’t sure if we wanted the captain’s bed or the basic bed with trundle underneath. We have until the end of February to decide.

  2. superb job Kevin!
    her I was over at Knock-Off and see the name “Chautona” and I thinks to me self “is that the Chautona I know? Couldn’t be TWO of them out there could there!” So I rush over and find it is YOU!

    Love it! and the dooby hicky in the corner! oh drool!
    I have such a list I want to built from that site. And I have a few pics I would love for her to design I have seen.

  3. Awesome job!!! I am just dying to build something from Ana’s site, but we’re in middle of midwestern winter and I don’t have a workshop (its done al fresco, baby!)…. come on spring. This is the first project I intend to do as my 6 yo needs a bed….badly.

  4. Oh, my goodness! Thank you for posting the link to Ana’s site–I’m in love!!! Hoping to show my dh soon–he’s quite handy. Great job by Kevin!

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