We Have a Winner!!

Ok, so it’s time to do the drawing for the coolest book on housekeeping to hit the market since Martha Stewart got out of the slammer.  If she’d had this drill sergeant on her side, she might never have found herself behind so much iron and concrete (being too busy keeping her house running in ship shape to have time to goof around with scary things like insider trading (why does that always sound like organ transplants to me?) and such.

As always, I use my trusty favorite integer generator, Random.org to determine the winner.  Well, except for the times when I’m getting entries from more than just comments on a single blog post.  Then I do the old hat trick.    I digress.  Anywhooty, off I went to aforementioned random.org and punch in the numbers…

I want 1 integer between the numbers of 1 and 39.  It spits out…

Well, lookie there.  Number 28 is the charmer this time.  So, who is going to have the cleanest house in the neighborhood?  I don’t know.  Shall I look?  Of course I shall!

Off I go to check… count carefully.  Count again to be sure because I don’t want to risk the wrath of militant dust bunnies who dare to fight the attack of the Drill Sergeant, Heidi!

Well, look at that.  Jennifer.

Now, I don’t exactly know which Jennifer it is, but it’s not my Gabby gal from what I can tell.  This Jennifer has an msn email that references underbloomed items of a floral nature.  Just sayin’ to help you figure out if you are the winner.

Me, I’m off to upload this baby so you can download it.

The rest of you, get thee to Lulu and buy said download copy and get your houses ship-shape before the drill sergeant comes and makes you drop and give her 20!


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