Winners of Giveaways!

First– From the generosity of Multnomah, I give you…

40 Loaves by C. D. Baker.  The more I read this book, the more I love it.  So, who won this marvelous little devotional book?  Who I ask?  Who did I ask?  I asked Mr. Random Generator and Mr. Random churned out…

Aaah… so who was number fourteen?  I race to see.

Oh lookie!  Susan.  I think I even have your address.  I’ll pop Mr. Baker’s book in the mail tomorrow if possible.  I hope you enjoy!

But wait!  There’s another!  Don’t  run away yet!  We have, for your great literary enjoyment (and that is not intended to be sarcastic in the slightest), a book by a brilliant Austenesque authoress, Barbara Cornthwaite!  (thunderous applause appropriate here).  Yes, I was so thrilled and excited to get this book, that I’m actually purchasing a copy for one of my readers (see related blog post and wail that you missed it here).  So!  Who won this marvelous literary achievement?  Who will have to beg Barbara to mail an autographed bookplate to her???  Who I ask you?  Who???

And who, I pray, is number four???  I switch tabs, I hold my breath, I look… and who do I see???

ANNE!  Hallelujah Anne!  You are the proud new owner of said book.  Just email me your shipping address and I’ll order said book pronto!  Yippie Skippy!

Enjoy your books ladies!  I have more give-aways coming soon!

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