I May Become Brand Loyal…

Ok, so I tend to be a “buy the cheap brand and who cares” kind of gal, but this Docker’s ad has tempted me to brand loyalty.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not foolish enough to think that this is some grand political statement by the company in favor of supporting man in a male-bashing world.  It’s an advertisement.  The point is to sell pants.  Lots of pants.  Great, heaping gobs of trousers for men.  That’s why they made the ad campaign.  That’s why they’re doing this.  It’s about the bottom line.  Pun intended.  However, they’re going to sell lots more than just men’s pants with this campaign.  They’ll probably sell a lot of women’s pants too.  That’s ok.  That’s the purpose of the Docker’s company.  To make lots of money.  They aren’t in business as a charity.

However, I must stand and applaud any company who recognizes that in our world of “women power”, “female empowerment”, “metro-sexual” semi-androgny, and “anything a man can do we can do better”, it’s kind of nice to see that someone recognizes the traditional masculine male as a valid and respected member of society.  Someone was willing to take the chance on the criticism they are bound to receive, and say, “To heck with it, we’re doing it anyway.”

Of course, their demographics studies probably showed a huge proportion of their sales coming from American men buying khakis for their Sunday church-going clothes and figured it was time to pay tribute to those customers before they lost them to Land’s End or something.

Why they did it (aside from the obvious monetary considerations), I don’t care.  I’m just glad they did.  And my husband is getting Dockers for Christmas.  Shh.  Don’t tell.


4 thoughts on “I May Become Brand Loyal…

  1. What a courageous add. The message is strong and I hope they do sell tons of manpants or ladiepants or any other kinda pants. 🙂

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